This Is A Great Opportunity To Destroy Academia

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

This is our chance to undo one of America’s biggest mistakes in the last century, allowing academia to metastasize into the societal tumor that it has become. Technology and economics were already gut-punching this flabby punk before both the double-strike combo of the pangolin pandemic panic and the woke insurrection revealed that not only did the emperor have no clothes but he wasn’t packing much to speak of besides. It has been revealed as yet another undead leftist institution, staggering on long after it should have rested in pieces. Let’s drive a stake through the heart of academia as we know it.

Academe Assesses Conservative Media Against 'Nonpartisan' Outlets

Tim Graham, CNS News

The liberal Columbia Journalism Review has published a lengthy special report on the values and practices of online conservative news sites. These professors should be welcomed for finding the conservative media to be worth academic attention. But they seem to be dismissing the overwhelming bias that provides so much energy and loyalty to conservative outlets. "Nonpartisan" journalism for the "general interest" sounds great, but that's not what any of these overtly partisan and liberal outlets provide. Our media are divided between conservative and liberal, right and left, not conservative and "nonpartisan general interest." That ship has sailed, and it sunk.

The Admission Scam Is Another Reason To Destroy Academia As We Know It

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Academia exists to mass produce ignorant future elitists and to provide jobs for liberal indoctrinators fueled by our tax money. The state and private schools both take our dough directly as well as through guaranteed student loans. Student loans are a giant scam, of course. Students get grifted into chaining an anchor around their necks in exchange for credentials most don’t even need. Colleges can raise tuition as high as they like because the government will just back the loans these suckers take out. It’s a great system, if you’re an academic. Not so much if you are a student or a taxpayer.

Harvard Attacks CHQ as “Biased”

Harvard University's library website now features a new page titled, "Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda." And and other conservative and right-leaning organizations, think tanks and news portals make-up the core of the list.