airline industry

Don’t Put Uncle Sam in Corporate Boardrooms

Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times

We don’t want government to become a shareholder and perhaps even take a controlling interest in American companies. This is the opposite of privatization. It is government “socialization” of private industry. Even the airline unions oppose the warrants, and with good reason. The federal government should release the airlines from these unwise warrants, which only chase away the private investors these companies desperately need now. Meanwhile, if the airlines want to thank taxpayers for their financial assistance during these dire times, perhaps they can give us free frequent flyer miles through their “loyalty” programs when they return to profitability.

Helping Airlines Pull Out of a Virus Nosedive

John Fund, National Review

The Trump administration recognized changing patterns of trade and subsidies last year when it replaced the existing North American Free Trade Agreement. We should convince trading partners to level the playing field and make sure that we enforce existing agreements. The Trump administration should realize that once the COVID-19 virus has passed from the headlines, foreign governments will be under intense pressure to ramp up subsidies to their favored airline carriers. The way to stop such a subsidy race is for President Trump to make it very clear that, as far as the U.S. is concerned, it will insist on removing subsidies, not adding to them.