American economy

It's a middle class boom

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

A study by former Census Bureau researchers and now statisticians at Sentier Research has found gigantic income gains for the middle class under Mr. Trump. The median — or average income family — has seen a gain of $5,003 since Mr. Trump came into office. Median family income is now (August 2019) $65,976 percent up from about $61,000 when he entered office (January 2017). Mr. Trump should begin asking Americans if they are better off than four years ago. Today, the answer to that question is clearly yes. It’s the economy stupid. Everyone — especially the middle class — is sharing in the fruits of the Trump boom.

The Economy, Father of Us All

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Few question whether it’s right or wrong to credit a president for booms, and blame him for busts. If Trump continues the good times, his tweets are irrelevant. If he does not, these electronic riffs suddenly will be said to be windows into his supposedly dark soul. Contrarily, the more the economy hums along, the more ridiculous the obsessive “Get Trump” fixations become. But if recession looms before 2020, then suddenly the weirder the progressive obsessions with destroying Trump, the more likely they will resonate. For now, Democratic charges that Trump is supposedly like no other president in his callousness are ignored because Trump’s booming economy is factually like no other recent president’s in its vigor.

Are the ‘Deplorables’ Weary of Winning Yet?

David Catron, The American Spectator

The nation is over the Democrats' impeachment and investigations nonsense, and the world’s most senile party had better get over it soon. If the economy continues humming along at its current rate, as it likely will, and the Democrats are still maundering about “the cover-up” or anything else related to the Russia Hoax, Trump and the GOP will beat them like dirty rugs in both the presidential and congressional elections. For millions of proud deplorables, this is a consummation devoutly to be wished. They really don’t seem at all weary of winning thus far.

Trump-era economy: A rising tide is lifting all boats

Editors, Washington Examiner

We don’t think Trump deserves all the credit for the great economic numbers. Presidents do not actually control the economy. But Trump certainly deserves some credit. Republican tax cuts have created a more open and level playing field where investment more freely chases economic opportunity, rather than tax arbitrage. Deregulation has similarly unfettered business. Trump’s embrace of fracking has juiced the economy as well. In other words, Trump has gotten government out of the way, for the most part. In turn, American energy and enterprise has created a rising tide that is lifting all boats.

The Carbon Tax Fantasy

Stephen Moore, CNS News

The energy experts at The Heritage Foundation have crunched the numbers and found that "by 2030, with a $37 per ton carbon tax, the country would experience an aggregate gross domestic product loss of more than $2.5 trillion — or more than $21,000 in income loss per family." If the climate change warnings of the alarmists turn out to be true, we will use technology and innovation to combat weather changes — not steel-booted world-government mandates and edicts. This requires more economic growth so the private sector has the funds to finance these initiatives. Any climate change "solution" that makes America poorer — such as a massive tax increase — is no solution at all.

Did Trump Lock-Up 2020 In One Speech?

President Trump correctly identified the issues at bar in 2020 as the American dream versus the socialist nightmare. Democrats are already helping President Trump put their socialism on trial by embracing socialist candidates,  and by ratcheting-up the socialist rhetoric. It is up to us conservatives to make sure Trump obtains the conviction.

100 Years Of Teaching Children Lies About America

How did we get to a place where 64 percent of the men and women defending our country believe it is the source of most of the world’s ills? Over the next month we are going to explore that question, and the first part of the answer to that question is that our education system has become a vehicle for teaching children to despise their own country, its founders and its founding principles. #theLeftLies

Media Ignores Great Economic News… Again

Inflation-adjusted disposable income rose 4.2 percent, last quarter, and America’s working families are seeing a continued gain in their disposable income, and thus a continued improvement in their quality of life. This is not only good news for America’s working families, it is good political news for President Trump, which is probably why it was buried by the establishment news media.

Trump Report Card: State of the Union Address 2019

Our friend David Franke shares President Donald Trump's report card for a class in Political Performance 101—an elective in both the theater/performance art department and the political science department of Franke University. Understood in this way, Prof. Franke gave President Trump a grade of A+.

Good News From Trump Wrecks Democrats

The American workers Donald Trump promised to fight for are the real winners of the Trump economic boom. Good news for Americans is death to the Democrat Party, and that is why in their coverage of President Trump’s State of the Union message most of the establishment media could not get beyond the shenanigans of the white-clad Democratic congresswomen.

How the Trump economic miracle shatters the left

Monica Crowley, Washington Times

Trump's economic track record pointedly demonstrates that the statist vision — radical wealth redistribution, socialized medicine, green energy chimeras, social justice enforcement, limits on free speech, private property and gun ownership, and the rule of the leftist mob — creates only tyranny, poverty, injustice and servitude. Mr. Trump and his economic thunderbolt are exposing the left and its policies as irredeemably bankrupt, economically and morally. And that is perhaps the biggest reason why they must try to destroy him.

Either Trump is delivering on his economic promises, or he's very lucky

Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

It looks like Trump is creating the kind of economy he promised, with growth targeted at the downscale (including blacks and Hispanics) rather than the upscale, with lower economic inequality and growth spreading to regions that have seen little of it for decades. Do you remember any mainstream media or liberal economist who envisioned such results? Maybe this is not a case of promises kept, but just dumb luck. Of course you can say the same thing — just dumb luck — about the 100 electoral votes Trump targeted and won. But after a while, you might wonder.

Trump's economic boom

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

In the years before the election of 2016 about 3 of 10 voters described the economy as good or great. This year 7 in 10 do. That surge in optimism began immediately after Mr. Trump’s election and hasn’t subsided. (See chart.) The same trend is true for small and manufacturing business confidence. Up, up and away. Perhaps the best news of all is to think that maybe Mr. Trump’s critics are right and that the economic thrust from the tax cut hasn’t even kicked in yet. If that’s true, then buckle up, because we’re in for a heck of a ride.

The economy rallied in 2017 because of what Trump didn't do

Editors, Washington Examiner

The tax bill could have been much better, mostly by simplifying the code, but it was better than the status quo, and will lead to higher wages in the near term and the long term. Trump didn’t build the economy. But in 2017, he’s done the right things to not get in its way. Continue doing that, and it will be entertaining to watch what the New York Times' Paul Krugman writes.

President Trump is decisively reining in the left

Newt Gingrich, Fox News

While the mainstream media has fixated on exaggerated day-to-day mini-controversies, the Trump Administration has methodically eliminated job-killing Obama-era regulations, filled judicial vacancies with solid conservatives at an astonishing pace, and accomplished real breakthroughs in trade relations with China and the Middle East. This is another fight that President Trump has won – and it couldn’t have happened quickly enough. Congress and the President should now work to abolish the CFPB as soon as possible, or at the very least, bring this rogue agency back under the rule of law.

Why “Working Guys” Get The Trump Economic Message

Trump’s economic message was largely overshadowed by his (accurate) comments that Obama and Hillary Clinton created ISIS, but with 94 million Americans out of the workforce it is by far his most powerful weapon in the battle for the White House.

Is America ready for a big economic crash in China?

Neil Stevens, RedState

The Chinese could do a few things about this bubble. They could remove government regulations that distort the economy. They could liberalize and abandon planned economy, in favor of free markets and free people. But they refuse. Instead, they’re imposing even more capital controls in the hopes that they can contain this craziness.