Fixing Baltimore: A plan

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

The president should make this a cause and Baltimore an example of what good-hearted people can do to solve a problem. Volunteers would get satisfaction from contributing to the improvement of peoples’ lives. Corporations that donate their services could deflect the “evil” label some politicians have attached to them. Critics would be hard-pressed to call President Trump a racist if he saves the lives of many underprivileged citizens in that city, which could then serve as a model for others, notably Los Angeles and San Francisco. Do this, Mr. President, and you will fulfill many verses in Scripture that command us to help the poor.

Who’s Using Baltimore?

Candace Owens, American Greatness

If the people attacking the president were really concerned about the residents of Baltimore’s blighted neighborhoods, they’d be addressing the concerns those residents raised in the very videos Donald Trump tweeted out. They’d be outraged that the Democratic Party has been taking Baltimore’s votes for granted while consistently failing to improve conditions in that city. They’d be looking for solutions to literal rat infestations. Luckily, President Trump is wise to this game. He was a prominent businessman in New York City throughout Al Sharpton’s heyday. He knows this race-hustling game, and he knows that it never pays to back down to a notorious con man.

Trump’s truths about Baltimore

Dominic Green, The Spectator

Donald Trump has an intuitive feel for political language and social pressure points, and that most Democratic politicians and their supporters in the media are incorrigibly sanctimonious, foolish and biased. While the pollsters try to slice and dice the electorate, Trump, like Sanders the old-time Marxist, knows how to divide and rule, to split people into the collective identities of them and us, the workers and the bosses, the blacks and the whites, the lovers of America and the haters. The Democrats are playing their version of this game, but they seem unable to resist Trump’s provocations, and they keep making his case for him.

Why Do Democrats Run All Of The Dangerous And Rodent Infested Cities?

Kevin McCullough, Townhall

In Baltimore, federal dollars have flowed in, and yet the stench, sight, and symbolism of it all—stinks. I’ve spent multiple seasons, time, and resources going to the actual third world. The heartbreak in places like Haiti, Guatemala, Ghana and the Congo, is that they have no opportunity to make their lives better. Those economies are largely run by corrupt governments whose only ambition is to use public office to enrich themselves. A lot like Cummings, Sanders, and Pelosi have done. The “walk of fame,” the scenic hills of the Bay Area, the rainy skies of the northwest, these iconic images are being replaced by squatters, filth, crime, ANTIFA and rodents. (Is that redundant?)

Are Single-Family Homes Racist?

Americans who have grown up experiencing private home ownership as the route to personal prosperity must quickly learn of the threat of "sustainability" mandates warns Tom DeWeese, President of The American Policy Center. The ultimate government game is to reorganize our cities into massive urban areas where single-family neighborhoods are replaced by the Sustainable/Smart Growth model of wall-to-wall apartment buildings.

Baltimore Sues Trump Demanding We Admit More Welfare Dependent Immigrants

Why would a poor, already welfare-dependent city want to import more poor, welfare-dependent immigrants from foreign countries? It will come as no surprise that joining the City of Baltimore in the suit is Democracy Forward, a Soros aligned organization that has sued the Trump administration on multiple occasions.

Far Left Thugs Raise $80 Million To Coordinate Summer Riots

While Democrats will claim this is all 501(c)(4) nonprofit political activity, the money that funds both the violent front and the pre-violent front in the Far Left’s war on America comes from exactly the same sources.