Barack Obama is a gun grabber

FedUp PAC Poll: Conservatives Oppose Obama Gun Control Measures

Obama’s anti-gun measures are seen by 88% as undermining the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and 83% oppose adding more red tape and reporting requirements for law-abiding gun sellers.

Why Did YouTube Shut Down One of the Most Popular Gun Channels?

Kathryn Blackhurst, The Blaze

Hickok45′s fans and subscribers were shocked to discover when they logged onto YouTube Wednesday morning that the popular firearm-toting channel had been shut down for “repeated violations of Google’s policies.” The channel is back online for no, but the questions about how and why it got taken down remain unaswered.

America Doesn't Have a Gun Problem, It Has a Democrat Problem

Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish Blog

Gun violence is at its worst in the cities that Obama won in 2012. These cities are the heartland of America’s real gun culture. It isn’t the bitter gun-and-bible clingers in McCain and Romney territory who are racking up a more horrifying annual kill rate than Al Qaeda; it’s Obama’s own voting base.

Open Letter to Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: Defend the Second Amendment!

If You Won’t Stand With Us Against Obama’s Threat To Our Second Amendment Rights,
Why Should We Stand With You On Election Day?

Don’t block individuals on terror watch lists from buying guns

Michael James Barton, San Francisco Chronicle

Using secret watch lists to deny an otherwise legal gun purchases is not what the list is designed to accomplish. If any of the 2,000 people on the terror watch list who have purchased guns from 2004 to 2014 have committed acts of terror, the White House would be screaming it from the rooftops. So far, silence.