Supreme Court Bypasses Congress Legislates Radical Homosexual Agenda From Bench

From our perspective, what Justice Gorsuch and the Supreme Court majority have just done is force every employer and religious institution in America to put up with any form of bizarre acting out or manifestation of mental illness. So long as it is cloaked in the newly bestowed protection of gender dysmorphia or homosexuality, churches cannot expect employees to uphold their doctrines and employers now cannot rid themselves of disruptive or off-putting employees for fear of being accused of sexual discrimination.

Christian Parents In Ohio Under Assault By Transgender Lobby

The government, in the persons of Hamilton County Ohio Prosecutor Donald Clancy and Hamilton County Ohio’s Job and Family Services, are alleging that sending one’s child to Catholic school is child abuse. And, furthermore, that parents have no right to direct a troubled minor child to seek spiritual guidance or use a practitioner who bases their therapy on Christian principles.

Transgender Decree Undermines Privacy Rights of Other Students

Hans Bader, CNS News

Private employers will also face pressure to follow the Obama administration’s demands, since the Obama administration’s reasoning is not education-specific, and could thus easily be extended from Title IX (governing schools) to Title VII (governing workplaces). Title IX and Title VII are often (but not always) interpreted the same.

Obama To Issue Public School Transgender Decree Today

Caleb Howe, RedState

Bypassing the people, and the states, and the courts, President Obama is once again exercising executive authority to enforce his will and a leftist vision on America. Not under threat of law, but threat of cut funding. The President will issue a “decree” ordering all public schools in the country to allow “transgender students” to use the bathroom and locker room of their choice.

Let's Make It 1 Million Today: Sign The Boycott Target Pledge

Our friends at the American Family Association are calling for a boycott of Target after the retail giant said it would allow men to use the women's restrooms and dressing rooms in their stores. So far the AFA’s boycott petition has been signed by over 900,000 commonsense Americans who say enough is enough to Target’s unconscionable cave-in to far-Left political correctness. We urge CHQ readers to sign the petition to make sure it crosses the 1 million mark TODAY.

NFL won't move 2017 Super Bowl from Houston

Joshua Axelrod, Washington Examiner

The NFL has announced that it will not move the 2017 Super Bowl from Houston, Texas, even after the city's vote to repeal an anti-discrimination law sparked outrage from LGBT activists and calls to move the big game to another city.