Benghazi Committee

FedUp PAC Poll: Conservatives Say Hillary and GOP Both Responsible for Benghazi Cover-Up

Conservatives responding to FedUp PAC’s poll see the failure to protect the Benghazi compound as a disqualifying event for Clinton, with 96% saying it shows her to be unfit to serve as commander in chief. But they are equally critical of Capitol Hill Republican leaders, with 96% are concerned, and 90% of those are “very concerned”, that eyewitness testimony regarding the “stand down” order was not included in the report of the House committee investigating the attack.

Hillary’s Benghazi Hearing Performance

Those optimistic Republicans who thought Hillary Clinton would come before the Benghazi Committee to ask forgiveness from the families of the four Americans killed by her dereliction of duty during the attack on our consulate, and then breakdown and also cop to personally shooting Vince Foster and accepting bribes through the elaborate ruse known as Whitewater, were unfortunately disappointed by Hillary Clinton's performance at yesterday's Benghazi Committee hearing.