Betsy DeVos

Conservative National Association of Scholars Commends President Trump: No More Law by Dear Colleague Letter

Law by bureaucracy is just as pernicious and perhaps more insidious than law by judicial activism. The bureaucracy, unlike the judiciary, is often nameless and faceless.  The result in both cases is the same, of course: Depriving citizens of a government of, by, and for the people.  NAS supports measures to prevent this and thanks President Trump for this executive action.

Trump’s Unconstitutional Gun Confiscation Plans

What President Trump's proposal does is violate the Fifth Amendment to make it easier to violate the Second Amendment – a demonstration of just how far afield from the Constitution Republicans will stray when not securely moored to constitutional conservative principles.

The Old Ways Were Better

William Murchison, The American Spectator

The old standards were better than the new ones. It’s impossible to believe otherwise. The voluntary, the willingly embraced, is everywhere and always preferable to the involuntary, the coerced; the way of the black jack, the courtroom, the jail cell. I should think Betsy DeVos senses as much.

Title IX and Sexual Politics

Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

The creation of an atmosphere on campus akin to the Salem witch trials was the result of Mr. Obama’s explicit policy choice to manipulate bedrock legal principles for a political goal. After the DeVos speech last week, former Vice President Joe Biden denounced “any rollback of Title IX protections.” Thus, demoting due process standards is now Democratic dogma.

DeVos Says It’s Time to ‘Start Fresh’ on Higher Education

Mary Clare Reim, CNS News

In considering the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, policymakers should follow DeVos’ advice and develop new policy proposals that will help improve the quality of higher education while putting downward pressure on prices. These reforms would be a significant step in achieving that goal.

Students’ Insult to DeVos Embarrasses HBCUs

Jonathan David Farley, American Greatness

Democrats have lost their way. The cities they have led for decades, and the school systems within them, have failed. As President Trump said, they offer nothing but carnage and failure. Of course, the Democrats counsel patience, so their leaders can preserve their riches, preserve their chokehold on urban residents, and condemn those children to illiteracy, joblessness, and homelessness. Betsy DeVos has the answers, and they are simple. That does not mean they are easy–each new generation must find the courage to fight.