big government spending

While no one's watching, Congress does its worst

With a newly installed Republican majority that campaigned as fiscal conservatives one would expect big government Democrats to be howling in pain about all the "unfair budget cuts," but unfortunately big government Republicans are doing as much or more spending as would be expected from the Democrats. And they are using the same gimmicks and tricks they all campaigned against to continue the ruinous spending says our friend Jonathan Bydlak at The Coalition to Reduce Spending.

In Case You Missed It: America is Out of Money – Again

Make no mistake about it – the great scandal of the 21st Century is the near-treasonous spending that Congress has engaged in over the past fifteen years, no matter which party has controlled Capitol Hill.

Conservatives Oppose Ryan Budget Deal

Alex Pappas, Daily Caller

Americans for Prosperity said that lawmakers should oppose any budget deal that violates the $967 billion spending cap for '14 mandated by sequestration. They join the Heritage Foundation in opposing the budget deal be hammered out by Rep. Paul Ryan (R) and Sen. Patty Murray (D).