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Democrats Abandoning Black Americans

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Democrats are losing the black vote.  While Biden, Obama, and the Democrat leadership fail to condemn the violent antics of ANTIFA and backs the efforts of the Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter to defund the police, they are swimming upstream in the black community.  The Democrats offer lots of words, and unworkable ideas like defunding the police, while Donald Trump offers peace and safety.

GOP and the Black Vote: Could This Finally Be the Year?

Scott McKay, The American Spectator

Rasmussen has been polling Trump’s approval in the black community as high as the low 40s. Rasmussen’s monthly average for July had Trump at 36 percent approval. Of that 36 percent, most — 25 percent — registered strong approval. Strong approval generally coincides with electoral support. That 25 percent number has shown up since at least June. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think a politician could get 60 percent of a group of voters who tell pollsters they strongly approve of him. Which means unless Rasmussen is dead wrong, that 15 percent number could be within reach for Trump.

Trump campaign believes it can grow black vote despite protests

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

The belief is that even after the coronavirus-induced economic slowdown erased the record low black unemployment seen under Trump, the president can still make some inroads with a subset of black voters, and avoid a surge in black turnout for Joe Biden, in a few critical swing states by emphasizing jobs, public safety, school choice, and criminal justice reform. Even during the 2018 midterm elections, when Republicans lost the House, several key races saw black men voting in the low- to mid-teens for GOP candidates. This was, in some cases, a return to their pre-Barack Obama voting habits.

Trump: the First Black President

Jack Brewer, Townhall

I was an invitee of President Trump, in the West Wing to celebrate a brighter future for black communities that finally have the opportunities long promised to us by Democrats. For that, I and other great Americans — including Dr. Alveda King, Terrence K. Williams, Stacy Washington, David Harris, Jr., Pastor Darrell Scott, Deneen Borrelli, Paris Dennard, and Diamond and Silk — were called “Uncle Toms.” We will bear the slings and arrows cast at us by those who fear free and independent thought in Black Americans. We will continue fighting for the oppressed, the poor, and the forgotten. I wonder how many of those who have smeared us over the last week can say the same.

Can Trump (and Kanye) Vanquish ‘Identity Politics’?

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

“Identity politics” is a cancer on democracy and makes people vote against their own interests as often as not. Ask yourself—who has done more for African-Americans, Donald Trump or the Reverend Al Sharpton? Trump’s numbers among African-Americans are up to a degree never thought possible. Some even approach fifty percent. If Kanye West campaigns with the president this summer, it will be tremendously significant. African-Americans will have to choose—Kanye West or Maxine Waters? I’m betting on Kanye. And I’m betting that would be worth more than a flesh wound to moribund “identity politics,” at least as far as blacks are concerned. It might even be game over.

Don’t Tell Henry Olsen, But He Sounds Like the Republicans of the 1930’s

Washington Post reporter Henry Olsen accuses the authors of the groundbreaking book "Coming Home" of using “cherry-picked evidence” to predict a surge in African American support for President Trump. In fact, he is the one guilty of cherry picking data even slanting the data. Olsen cites unnamed polls that show Trump’s approval rating among African American voters at 13 percent, but does not tell the reader anything about the sample used.

Why Liberals and Progressives Lie to Blacks

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

This dishonesty to black people practiced by Warren and the others -- fomenting anger toward the police -- makes the lives of African Americans worse, frequently endangering them and resulting in their deaths, as Heather Mac Donald details so well in her The War on Cops. I often wonder how many liberals have read this book. I imagine very few because it so undermines their virtue-signaling narrative with uncomfortable and overwhelming facts. For someone like Warren to fan the flames of cop-hatred is despicable and immoral, but not surprising. If black lives truly did matter to her, she would never say such a thing.

Paul: ‘Dumb’ Focus on Voter ID Could Blow R’s Opp to Win Black Votes

Josh Siegel, Daily Signal

Sen. Rand Paul, the KY Repub, and likely presidential candidate, stressed that he supports requiring identification to vote in elections. But, he said, Republicans should avoid prioritizing the issue.

Why Repubs. Should Consider Ben Carson

William Tucker, American Spectator

Ben Carson is very much representative of this conservative segment of the African-American population. Were the Republicans to nominate Ben Carson or someone like him, the issue of race might fade into the background and ideas would become more central instead.

Tea Party Blueprint for Recapturing the Black Vote?

Jack Minor, WND

“The RNC has it wrong. The RNC wants to invite themselves into black churches,” Smith said. “No you wait to get invited, but you’ve got to have a message. It works. It’s bulletproof," said K. Carl Smith, founder of the Frederick Douglass Repubs.