What AOC Did On Her Summer Vacation

David Catron, The American Spectator

It would be better for the nation if Ocasio-Cortez remains in Congress. She has become the de facto head of the Democratic Party and thus increases the chances that the Republicans will regain their House majority in 2020. Indeed, she may be the best member of the GOP reelection team. No one does a better job of highlighting how disconnected the Democrats are from the American people, particularly on illegal immigration. Just weeks ago the Democrats, including AOC, claimed that there was no crisis at the border. If the voters go to the polls in November of 2020 thinking of “AOC” and “Democrat” as synonyms, the world will be a better place the next day.

Americans facing threat of infectious diseases at the border

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Infectious diseases are an equal opportunity scourge. The catastrophe at the border is a humanitarian one at every level, which does not discriminate. Far worse than ever before, we face an urgent infectious disease threat to public health for both U.S. citizens and unvaccinated or at-risk (the very young, elderly, immune-compromised) immigrants themselves. This is not a political issue. If we are serious about saving lives and stopping a humanitarian crisis affecting citizen and migrant alike, securing the border and requiring proof of vaccination for everyone entering the country legally must be done.

How bad does border have to be for Democrats to admit it's an emergency?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

More illegal crossers are staying in the U.S. than in the days of Clinton and Bush. Yet Democrats steadfastly refuse to recognize that the situation constitutes an emergency. Instead, they accuse Trump of making the whole thing up. They call it a "fake emergency" and a "manufactured crisis" and every possible variant of those terms. And they reject the idea that adding barriers on the border will decrease the number of illegal crossings. Will Democrats recognize the emergency at the border as real, not fake, and not manufactured?

Trump Is On Solid Legal Ground In Declaring A Border Emergency To Build A Wall

Sean Davis, The Federalist

Many commentators who have expounded on the legality of Trump’s decision have declared, without any statutory basis, that there is simply no border emergency, therefore everything Trump is doing on the matter is illegal. Some claim that the emergency does not require the use of a wall. Others claim that a wall does not constitute a military construction project. As demonstrated above, the plain text of the underlying statutes requires a neutral arbiter to reject these legal claims in their entirety.

The GOP Finally Has a Fighting General

David Catron, The American Spectator

Democrats are fighting the last political war. That, interestingly enough, is why Lincoln entrusted the execution of the Civil War to Ulysses S. Grant and his right hand man, William T. Sherman. Lee and his fellow southern generals were stuck in the Napoleonic era. Grant and Sherman were decades ahead of them. Likewise, Pelosi and Schumer are stuck in the Clinton era, and the media are still wandering aimlessly around Watergate. President Trump is fighting this war, where the media is white noise, and we win.

Why Democrats Said No to Trump’s Border Compromise

John Fund, National Review

The longer the government shutdown drags on, with Democrats unwilling to even negotiate seriously about Trump’s proposal, the worse the Left will look to voters. The 2020 election will be decided by independent voters. Currently, about 55 percent say they oppose the wall. But even more believe that the debate over the wall shouldn’t be the obstacle to reopening the federal government. If Democrats continue to view Trump as a devil they can’t negotiate with, the onus for the government shutdown may start to shift to them.

Democrats Have Already Started The Second Civil War

The FBI defines domestic terrorism as events that appear intended to "intimidate or coerce a civilian population" or "influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion." If that is not what the Left has been engaged in with increasing ferocity, especially over the past two weeks, then “intimidation and coercion” have lost their meaning.

Mexico — What Went Wrong?

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

The United States has many enemies in the world, but it is hard to find one that deliberately is trying to undermine U.S. law by exporting its own citizens to change the demographic and politics of its supposed ally. It is almost impossible to find enemies that can so carefully extract billions of dollars in remittances and surpluses from the U.S. economy. Most enemies do not send as many human traffickers and drugs into the U.S. as does Mexico. And does an Iran or North Korea boast that it has the right to violate U.S. law, interfere in the domestic politics of America, and vow that it will continue to do so as it pleases?

The Left’s Next Step Is Open Violence Against Conservatives

Unless Democrats and the cultural and political leadership of the Left come out firmly against mob violence this dangerous situation is only going to escalate. A good start would be a congressional censure of Rep. Waters, but unambiguous statements from Left-leaning cultural and media leaders, like The Washington Post, that political violence is not to be tolerated are also needed.

Border Patrol Opposes Border Bill: 'Window Dressing'

Craig Bannister, Media Research Center

The National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents more than 16,500 border patrol agents, opposes the House border security bill (H.R. 399) because it is mere “window dressing” - joining the immigration officers' union, which called the bill "a global joke."

Border Fight Shifts to GOP Summit

Cristina Marcos, The Hill

Fissures emerged Weds. in the GOP on how to combat Obama’s immigration orders as 26 Repubs. voted against halting delayed deportations for immigrants brought to the country as children.

96% of Illegals With Deportation Orders Can’t Be Found

Natalie Johnson , Daily Signal

96 percent of the more than 4,100 families released on recognizance and ordered deported did not show up to court.

Border Agent: Hard Evidence Terrorists Have Crossed US Border

Edwin Mora, Breitbart

A U.S. Border Patrol agent in Arizona claims he was privy to classified intelligence that proves terrorists have infiltrated the homeland from Mexico.