Democracy requires borders

Editors, Washington Examiner

Without borders and border enforcement, there is no clear definition of the polity. Democracy cannot exist without a clearly defined polity. That’s why the European project of replacing nation-states with a continent-wide super-state, with porous borders both internally and externally, has been so undemocratic. Elites are fine with a shifting populous, because the public aren’t “us” in an important sense. The elite tribe, spanning borders, is their “us” that makes the rules.

Borders aren’t racist, and some countries are sh—holes

Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times

America’s government has a responsibility to secure the future of its own citizens first — and sorry, so sorry, anti-Trumpers of the world: That’s. Not. Racism. Neither, by the way, is calling a sh—hole country a sh—hole country. It may be bad form; it may be impolite. But racist? That it ain’t. It’s what we all know and say to be true about some sad and unfortunate countries — albeit, using different terminology — and it’s why most Americans feel so blessed to be American in the first place.

Toss Personality. Use These Three Things To Judge Trump Versus Hillary

Jeffrey H. Anderson, The Federalist

This election is about more than manners or a battle of personalities. The stakes go far beyond that. Much depends on whether the next president will do the following three things: one, Preserve the Constitution; two, Restore our borders; and three, Repeal Obamacare.

Only Nation States with Secure Borders Can Help Solve the Refugee Crisis

John Howard, National Review

My long experience in Australian politics has been that whenever a government is seen to have immigration flows under control, public support for immigration increases. When the reverse occurs, hostility to immigration rises.

Does Rove Want the GOP to Win the Senate or Help a Bush in '16?

Robert W. Patterson, Breitbart

Why isn’t Rove telling GOP Sen. candidates to stand tough for immigration control & border security? A big anti-amnesty-fueled victory coupled w/ a Tea Party surge would preclude Jeb Bush, another fan of open borders, from gaining the GOP nom. in '16.

Obama Allowing Illegals to Join US Military

Greg Campbell, Tea Party News Network

As the country focused on the resignation of Eric Holder, the most lawless A.G. this nation has ever seen, Obama quietly issued an executive order to allow illegal immigrants to join the U.S. military.

Does Christianity Demand Open Borders For America?

Social conservatives with roots in the evangelical community should take a hard look at the source of funding for the EIT, National Immigration Forum, Sojourners, and other advocates of cheap labor, open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens and ask themselves if this isn’t exactly the spiritual dilemma and answer proposed in Matthew 6:24.