budget cuts

Here's How to Defuse the Debt Bomb

Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times

Myth 1: Trump created these deficits. Myth 2: Trump tax cuts have cost $1.2 trillion. Myth 3: Entitlements are the reason the debt is exploding. Myth 4: Taxing the rich will solve the problem. Myth 5: Democrats have a plan to bring down the deficit. Myth 6: The deficit and debt problems are hopeless. Here's how we balance the budget in two steps: First, get to 3% annual economic growth, which will mean more jobs, more taxpayers and fewer welfare payments. Second, impose an enforceable cap on overall spending at the inflation rate of 2% over 15 years. This gets us to zero deficits. Is that so hard? If there is a national will to break our addiction to deficit spending, there is a way.

Trump’s Budget: GOP Congress On The Spot

The pressure from Capitol Hill’s big spending establishment Republicans won’t be to cut the budget, it will be to fund the increased spending on defense and homeland security AND all the domestic boondoggles that President Trump wants to eliminate to pay for his shift in priorities.

Trump’s $10 trillion stimulus plan

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

Under Obama, we learned once again and hopefully forever that government spending doesn’t stimulate growth, it retards it. Just ask Japan or Venezuela. Every dollar the government doesn’t spend, tax, or borrow is a dollar businesses and families can spend or invest themselves. What Mr. Trump is really proposing is a $10 trillion stimulus to the private economy. It’s about time.

How to Use the GOP Wave

Quin Hillyer, National Review Online

Conservatives should pick targets big and small. Use the wave to cut budgets and show that conservatives mean business.

Dems Betray Vets to Help Illegals

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Senate Dems. killed an amendment from Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) that would have paid for unemployment benefits for many Americans and replaced recent cuts to vets’ pensions by closing a tax code loophole that allows illegal aliens to access the Refundable Child Tax Credit.