charter schools

Moral Bankruptcy

Thomas Sowell, The American Spectator

Charter schools represent a huge opportunity for many low-income, minority youngsters who have very few other opportunities for a better life. But, to politicians dependent on teachers’ unions for money and votes, charter schools are expendable. In various communities around the country, charter schools are already being prevented from moving into empty school buildings, which would allow them to admit more children from waiting lists. Denying these children what can be their one chance in life is a new low, even for politicians.

Scott Walker touts charters, vouchers in New Orleans

Jessica Williams,

"School choice" typically encompasses a liberation from public school attendance zones. Advocates tend to argue that public money should finance additional options, both public and private. It was perhaps fitting, then, for the federation's gathering be in New Orleans, where the vast majority of public schools are boundary-free charters, and where still other students attend private voucher schools.

Two States Where Black Voters Helped the GOP

Erick Erickson, Red State

In IL, prominent black ministers around the state encouraged congregants to abandon Gov. Quinn and support the Repub. In GA, largely black precincts didn't see the turnout expected. Experts say black moms didn't want D's to nix charter school funding.

Dispelling The Myths About The Role Of Charter Schools


Kelly Lichter, Board President, Mason Classical Academy

Charter School Activists Under Attack In Florida

Kelly Lichter and Erika Donalds, who are running for the Collier County (Florida) School Board have found themselves under attack for their involvement in founding the Mason Classical Academy charter school in Naples, Florida. They need your help.