Christ Church

The Iconoclasts Come For George Washington

John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist

Demanding the removal of plaques and statues and memorial crosses, or, failing that, mobilizing angry mobs simply to tear them down in righteous anger, is not the behavior of people who desire compromise and understanding with their fellow citizens. It’s the behavior of those who believe the culture wars are going their way, and smell blood in the water.

Christ Church and the slavers’ blood money

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

The vestry complains that the markers to Washington and Lee are the reason they have so much trouble attracting “people of color” to their congregation. I look forward to performing random inspections of the church in the months and years to come to learn if the monuments to Washington and Lee really are what repels “people of color” from Christ Church in Alexandria. Or, is it something else? Something deeper? Guess we will find out.