citizens mandate

Today Is A Good Day To Recall The November Mandate Voters Gave The GOP

Obama’s State of the Union address is a good time to remind your Member of Congress that he or she was elected to protect and defend the Constitution from the tidal wave of Obama's encroachments that threaten the basic God-given freedom from government that individuals are guaranteed. 

Is A Stab In The Back On Amnesty Coming From Capitol Hill GOP?

A GOP aide told Breitbart that senior Republicans are anxious to move forward on amnesty, but whether fierce opponents can defeat their efforts is still to be determined. We urge you to take a few minutes to read “THE CITIZENS MANDATE FROM THE NOVEMBER 2014 ELECTION,” if you agree that voters gave the new Republican majority a mandate, and that mandate was to work for We the People, not grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, then please sign our petition to stop Obama’s fundamental transformation of America and forward it to your friends and contacts.

Petition to Speaker Paul Ryan: Stop Obama's Liberal Transformation of America

Do Your Job and Stop Obama's Policies or GO HOME!

To: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and All Members of the House Republican Conference and Senate Republican Conference

Viguerie, Conservative Leaders Release “Citizens Mandate” To Congress

A broad coalition of conservative activists, thinkers, leaders and organizations have come together to put on paper specific policy proposals for the new Republican majority on a wide range of economic, social and national security issues: the "CITIZENS MANDATE FROM THE NOVEMBER 2014 ELECTION.” SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP OBAMA'S LIBERAL POLICIES!