Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick’s Stupid Lie About America

Rich Lowry, National Review

The fact is, and counter to the Left’s typical narrative, racism acted more as a brake on American expansion rather than an accelerant. Anti-imperialists didn’t want to incorporate more nonwhite people into the United States. This is a reason that we didn’t acquire more territory after the Mexican-American War, and the land we took control of tended to be lightly populated by native Mexicans. The U.S. engaged in titanic struggles in the 20th century against Imperial Germany, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union, none of which were brown or black. The United States opposed European colonialism, and its biggest wars since World War II were fought shoulder to shoulder with Asian people in Korea and Vietnam.

Taking a knee looks like the Democratic strategy

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

Mr. Kaepernick’s original protest was something new and different. He was offended by the cruelty of a handful of cops, and decided it could be sold as the behavior of hundreds of thousands of policemen everywhere. This was quickly transformed by Kaepernick followers as proof that America was dirty and undeserving of anyone’s love and loyalty. A single owner could put an end to this spectacle by giving the washed-up quarterback one last shot, and see if he’s still as good as he says he is. No owner is that brave or that foolish. Football is a business first.

The Party of Kaepernick

Kyle Smith, National Review

Democrats would be wise to decline to take Trump’s bait here, and to inform the public that they’re on our side, not with the petulant millionaire athletes and the newly crowned king of Nike endorsements. The entire controversy is an opportunity for the party to prove it stands with a broad swathe of the country, rather than the elites who disgust so many ordinary Americans. But, then again, the Democrats rarely miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

New Ear to the Ground Poll: Cultural Divide Deepens in First Year of Trump Presidency

We have an exclusive look at a new poll conducted through the collaboration of and other individuals and organizations. The poll found Americans are deeply divided on the meaning of patriotism, the Constitution and how they viewed religion and prominent cultural brands and institutions.

Kaepernick’s Collusion Claim Is a Likely Loser

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

Colin Kaepernick is no longer on an NFL roster because he is a shell of the player he once was. It has been years since he showed he could help a team win, and he is now a major turn-off to a large percentage of football fans. Notoriously, the billionaires who own NFL teams routinely turn a blind eye to grotesque misconduct — or wash it away with a nominal suspension — if it involves star players. Mediocre players do not get that treatment. That is not due to collusion. No one need conspire to exclude someone who is not worth the trouble.

Colin Kaepernick is a deceitful hypocrite, and his defenders have double-standards

Jennifer Kerns, Washington Examiner

The portrait of his life fails to reveal an upbringing that is anywhere close to the plight he claims to feel for inner-city kids today. Nothing could be more deceptive than for a wealthy man who hails from a lifetime of comfortable means to feign that he understands the plight of inner-city kids and worse, to stir up strife among his nation in doing so.

Blowback Begins Against NFL #TakeTheKnee

A Denver car dealership founded by military hero Phil Long has pulled ads featuring Broncos player Von Miller who, along with many other members of the team, took a knee during the national anthem before Sunday's loss to Seattle.

Whose Side Are You On, President Trump’s Or The NFL’s?

Rooting for one NFL team to beat another is like rooting for MSNBC to beat CNN – it’s not about sports – it is merely two giant corporations, mired in political correctness, battling to win the ratings game on TV. What do you think? Tell us by clicking this link to take our NFL vs Trump poll.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Trump leaves little doubt who’s really in charge in the White House

In the coming weeks Congress will take up tax reform and a number of important items on the Make America Great Again agenda. General John Kelly and the West Wing Democrats may try to “moderate” the administration, but Donald Trump is the one who’s really in charge.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: It’s long past time Republicans called a ‘Players Only’ meeting

Perhaps Republicans should just barricade themselves in a big room until they work out their differences. Many a struggling team has locked the media out in order to have a “players only” meeting. If the GOP “players” don’t get together soon, the whole season could be lost.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: How Christie and McCain wrote the manual on how NOT to win an election

People run for Congress with the intention of representing their constituents to the best of their ability. It certainly involves making difficult choices at times. But if the serious issues are ever going to be resolved we need politicians with steel spines, not wimps who shrink from a fight.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Why most Americans don’t care a lick if this loser ever gets another job

The only reason Colin Kaepernick continues to be discussed in today’s media is because he’s been so widely successful in ripping open gaping wounds in American traditions and culture. If he never works another day on a football field in his life we should feel vindication, not remorse.

Is a Populist Christian Movement Needed to Renew the Faith?

Just as millions of American voters picked up copies of the Constitution and began to ask out of touch elite politicians “where does it say you can do that,” we Christians should pick up our Bibles and ask out of touch elite church leaders, “where does it say same-sex marriage and transgenderism are OK”, and “where does the Bible endorse the heresy that claims God and Allah are the same”?

The NFL Had Better Straighten Out–Or Else

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

Week by week, injecting protests, national anthem sit-downs, kneel-downs and hand-holding, while the league flip-flops over fining Tennessee Titans’ Avery Williamson for wearing cleats honoring 9/11 turns the NFL into a very unfunny joke. Two things need to happen at a football game: play the national anthem while everyone stands, and then play football.

Colin Kaepernick, bench warmer

Editors, Washington Examiner

It's probably no coincidence that Kaepernick has developed his loud, publicity-gleaning social conscience just when his team is thinking of cutting him for playing badly. If he is booted by the 49ers, he can console himself and tell others that it's retribution for his brave stand — er, sit — for justice.

Will Colin Kaepernick Next Declare Himself Gay?

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

The liberal media can praise his bravery for being a player in San Francisco doing what half of that city already does and he can avoid having to deal with the larger issues when he increasingly spends his time off the field instead of on it. If the strategy does not work and the press focuses on his talent, perhaps he’ll go the full Michael Sams.

Colin Kaepernick Has Every Right To Be A Selfish Idiot

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

It would be more productive if he could take his $114 million and use it to help some of those who would appreciate his help. In the end, this is America. It’s a free country. And Colin Kaepernick is free to be an idiot.