College campuses

The Fragility of the Woke

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Earlier generations went to college mainly to become educated and develop marketable skills. They weren’t very interested in ethnic and gender “studies” courses, ranting professors, and woke administrators. For the students of the 1960s who were, protesting was a side dish to a good investment in an affordable college degree that would pay off later. But when such pathways are blocked, beware. The woke but godless, the arrogant but ignorant, the violent but physically unimpressive, the degreed but poorly educated, the broke but acquisitive, the ambitious but stalled — these are history’s ingredients of riot and revolution.

A Safe Space Society Is A Totalitarian Nightmare

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Today on campus, these creeps have power because the administrators tend to be cowed by the left when not in active cahoots with it. They left can even LARP violent revolution because the schools hold back the cops who ought to be beating down and hooking up these black-masked punks. Someday, some of these quad gestapo types are going to be in real positions of power in real society, and they do not believe in rules and they do not believe in rights for anyone who opposes them. Their sole goal is their own power. And to increase their power, they need to take power from someone else. You are the someone else. In a society they control, you will have no rights, no voice, and no future.

How the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals protected 5th Amendment with Purdue assault decision

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, determined to rescue and protect the Fifth Amendment from lower-court abuse, has established a precedent blocking biased sexual-assault proceedings that will likely be used to put college administrators in their place. The decision was the work of a panel of the 7th Circuit composed only of women, which decided unanimously to correct an atrocious verdict. The panel was led by Judge Amy Coney Barrett, from whom we are likely to hear more, a lot more, later. She still is on President Trump’s list of prospective Supreme Court justices. Now the tables are turning. It’s always good to see cowards, wherever found, get their just desserts.

CHQ Joins Call for Free Speech Protections in the Higher Education Act

Public colleges and universities that violate the First Amendment should lose eligibility for Title IV federal student loans and grants, say more than 100 scholars and writers in a new statement, released today by the National Association of Scholars (NAS). To add your name to the list of those demanding the freedoms protected by the First Amendment be respected by public colleges and universities please click this link.

Trump Takes On Campus Speech Police

Betsy McCaughey, The American Spectator

Trump is threatening to make campus speech tyranny too costly for universities. Trump’s threat to withhold research funds could add a powerful weapon in the fight for free speech on campus. Scientists and engineers eager for federal grant money will not want their goals undermined by campus political correctness. The real beneficiaries of Trump’s announcement are students and taxpayers. When you send your kids to college, you don’t expect them to be subjected to 24/7 indoctrination in groupthink.

Political Correctness, Just One Tool In The Arsenal Of Sustainability

While our institutes of higher learning preach, “question authority”, they don’t actually teach questioning anything but Western Culture and its values. No longer do students debate tough issues; no one wants to take the side of the non-politically correct.

Defenders of free speech can't disarm

Editors, Washington Examiner

We have in this country an urgent live debate over whether free speech and liberalism more generally is good or has run its course. That’s unsurprising, as these are new ideas on a historical scale. No other country honors free speech the way we do. Some people want us all to quit harping on the issue. But we won't, and we shouldn't. It’s far too important for that.

The Old Ways Were Better

William Murchison, The American Spectator

The old standards were better than the new ones. It’s impossible to believe otherwise. The voluntary, the willingly embraced, is everywhere and always preferable to the involuntary, the coerced; the way of the black jack, the courtroom, the jail cell. I should think Betsy DeVos senses as much.

Democrats Welcome Chairman Mao To America

Republicans and conservatives must force themselves to recognize that the violence perpetrated in Charlottesville, Philadelphia and Berkeley was just the probing movements of a coming hardcore Leftist revolution that intends through violence and intimidation to destroy constitutional liberty.

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager Film to Expose Silliness of Safe Spaces and Snowflakes

“This is a story that must be told because the future of our country literally depends on what happens on these campuses,” said Dennis Prager. “If these students don’t understand the very concept of free speech, our whole nation is in trouble.”

Hate Speech and the Politics of Grievance

Ben Domenech, The Federalist

Conservatives want an educational system that produces citizens, not victims – one that produces thinking people who respect the views of those with whom they disagree, who can grapple with those views as they come, not one that will curl up into a ball of rage at the first sign of wrongthink, or turn into an aggrieved party whose pain must be acknowledged.

Diversity Is Not Making College Students Any Brighter

Scott Greer, Daily Caller

The diversity obsession leads to a racial fixation that prizes students and teachers primarily on the color of their skin rather than their academic merit. No wonder why campus protesters feel like they can demand racial power at the expense of the student body as a whole.

Zip it: GOP students 'intimidated' on campus, say views less tolerated

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner

In a poll sponsored by Yale University's William F. Buckley Jr. program, 800 national undergrads said that by a nearly two-to-one margin, colleges were more tolerant to liberals. Pollster Jim McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates, found that 37 percent felt school more tolerant of liberals views, just 20 percent of conservatives, and 36 percent equally tolerant.