Competition, Not a Cartel, Can Cure What Ails Health Care

Hunt Lawrence and Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

Hospitals gouging patients occurs most glaringly in places where hospitals operate as a monopoly and in emergency situations. The common denominator in both circumstances involves the inability to compare and shop. Change soon comes, and not necessarily legislative change of the Medicare for All variety. Data stored in the cloud and available via an app may make medical costs and outcomes transparent, which should reduce cost. Medicare for All will retard this process since the whole health-care industry will lobby against the smartphone apps, and the consolidation of the entire industry necessarily leads to less competition.

You Will Be Made To Lose: Boy Wins Honors In Girls All State Track and Field

Brandon Morse, RedState

It’s not stopping at bathrooms. Now a boy is beating out girls during track and field events as he competes amongst them, and is taking top spots away from those who rightfully deserve them.