concealed carry laws

Meet The Concealed Carry Members of Congress

Kathryn Watson, The Daily Caller News Foundation

Here are the members of the House Freedom Caucus who say they currently carry, or did as of 2013 - all are Republicans.

Study: Concealed Carry Permits Reduce Murder Rates

Emily Hulsey, Independent Journal Review

One of the main arguments for stricter gun control is that fewer people carrying around guns will lead to fewer incidents of gun violence. A recent study demonstrates just the opposite and actually supports the case that more guns lead to less violence.

Kansas Senate Advances Bill Voiding Gun Rules

John Hanna, Associated Press

The Kansas Senate rejected a proposal aimed at keeping concealed guns out of libraries and community centers before giving first-round approval to a bill stripping cities and counties of their power to regulate firearms.

Lib. Guv Uses 1st Veto to Kill Gun Bill

Washington Free Beacon Staff

Virginia Dem. Gov. Terry McAuliffe used his first official veto to strike down a gun rights bill (Del. Ben Cline’s HB962) that he had unsuccessfully tried to weaken through an amendment.