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Let's Reserve Costly Prison Beds For Dangerous Offenders

Grover Norquist and Derek Monson , Deseret News

Utah is embarking on an effort to reform its criminal justice system by convening a Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice. Right on Crime signatories Grover Norquist and Derek Monson make clear that this is a positive first step towards criminal justice reforms that increase public safety while cutting costs.

The Conservative Case Against the Death Penalty

Leon Neyfakh, Boston Globe

Can a few thinkers convince their party that a winning GOP issue is actually a costly, ineffective, anti-life government boondoggle? Richard Viguerie thinks so.

Conservative Case for Civilian Review

Kim Hendrickson, The American (AEI Blog)

Promoting civilian review of police departments is in keeping with conservative values. Supporters, including CHQ chairman Richard Viguerie, Ralph Reed, Edwin Meese, and Newt Gingrich, urge a cost benefit analysis of crime and punishment programs and a more carefully defined view of criminal behavior.

The Wrong People Are Locked Up

Alfred S. Regnery, Breitbart

Those locked up aren't always the right people. The system has gotten so aggressive that we are jailing people for nonviolent offenses and spending too much money for questionable results.

Paul's Right on Prison Reform

Jacob Sullum, Forbes

“The injustice of mandatory minimums is impossible to ignore...I'm here to ask that we begin the end of mandatory minimum sentencing," said Rand Paul.

Eric Holder's Plan to Break the Law to Improve It

By Richard A. Viguerie | 8/14/13
What Holder is actually doing is not proposing criminal justice reform legislation to change the law or to request funding for new programs that actually work, it is an announcement that he planned to simply ignore the law as it stands today, rather than engage in the tough job of selling criminal justice and prison reform to Congress and the public.

Viguerie Says, "Conservatives Welcome Holder and Obama's Belated Embrace of Criminal Justice Reform"

Richard Viguerie, Chairman of ConservativeHQ, today invited Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama to join him and other conservatives in a major push for criminal justice and prison reform.

DOJ: End Mandatory Min. for Drug Cases

Los Angeles Times Staff

Fed. prosecutors will no longer seek long, "mandatory minimum" sentences for low-level, nonviolent drug offenders, under a major shift in policy.

Viguerie on Laura Ingraham Show 8/12

CHQ Staff

CHQ chairman Richard Viguerie will talk about conservative justice reform with Laura Ingraham on her radio show at 10:30 a.m. Eastern, Monday, August 12.