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Bauer to GOP: Don't Exile Tea Party

Gary Bauer, Politico

Calls to jettison the tea party remind us of the GOP elites who perennially advocate abandoning conservative positions on social issues. The GOP can’t win without socially conservative voters, and it couldn’t win without the energy, ideas and votes of tea party conservatives.

The Grassroots Defend Viguerie: Goldberg is Wrong about the GOP Civil War

In a recent column, Jonah Goldberg attacked Richard Viguerie and the Tea Party, arguing that we conservatives are pushing a senseless war with establishment Republicans. Has Goldberg turned to "the dark side?" Timothy Birdnow's essay suggests he has.

TeaParty Fumes, Fiscal Fight Persists

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Conservative Movement leaders feel conservatives had momentum in the negotiations with Obama’s admin. and could've demanded serious concessions on OCare and spending until estab. R's stepped in to undercut them.

Truckers Bring Message to DC

Joe Saunders, Biz Pac Review

When the Truckers Ride for the Constitution protest kicks into gear Friday afternoon on the DC Beltway, the rigs will be delivering a message to the Obama administration that “we’ve had enough,” an organizer said Thursday.

Truckers Make Impact in DC

CBS DC Staff

A convoy of tractor-trailers, the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution,” planning to circle the DC Capital Beltway in protest of the federal gov't, is causing some traffic problems for the morning commute. 

Paul & Cruz Give Us Hope

David Limbaugh, Human Events

If Cruz and Paul had not stood up and grassroots conservatives had not held on, the public would have assumed, that R's had lost their willingness to fight for them. R's may not win this round, but they’ve already come much further than the pessimists predicted and given patriots reason for hope again.

Grassroots Rebellions Taking Over Washington This Weekend

We have said from the beginning of the current federal government “slimdown” that this fight isn’t about the budget or spending – it is about Obama’s demand that the rest of us conform to a law that he, the Washington elite and their cronies will never have to follow. Now the rest of America is beginning to agree and join the fight.

Grassroots Don't Trust GOP on OCare

David French, National Review Online

Grassroots conservatives don’t trust that Repubs will be ultimately motivated to do anything other than nibble at the edges of Obamacare as the country hooks itself on yet another inefficient, destructive bureaucracy.

Grassroots Want OCare Defunded

Erik Wasson and Elise Viebeck, The Hill

House conservatives say grassroots support is building for their effort to risk a government shutdown to defund ObamaCare.

Cruz: Millions Unite Against Obamacare

Bill Hoffmann, Newsmax

Ted Cruz says the only way the movement can succeed is if "historic levels" of Americans join the fight.

BEAT LAMAR to Invite Challengers to Speak at Statewide Candidate Forums

BEAT LAMAR has taken another step toward finding a challenger to Tennessee's establishment Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, who votes the Obama position some 62% of the time and supported S. 744, the Obama -- Rubio amnesty for illegal aliens bill.

Conservative Consensus: Marco Rubio Has Lost Our Trust

In the aftermath of Florida’s Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s star role as the face of the Obama-backed “Gang of Eight” amnesty for illegal aliens bill, the consensus among conservative leaders is that Rubio has lost the trust of the conservative grassroots.

Sarah Palin to Start a New Party?

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller

Palin considers leaving the GOP if it continues to back away from its founding principles.

Huge Tea Party Rallies in DC Today

Mike Flynn, Breitbart

The Tea Party marks the start of the ‘14 mid-term elections with their largest rallies since 2010.