conservative view of Ukraine struggle

Despite Ukraine, Europeans Won’t Protect Themselves From Putin

Even if Russia threatens the continent, the Europeans don’t plan on defending themselves. Instead, virtually everyone expects America to save them, if necessary. Washington is being played for a sucker as usual. Instead of pouring more resources into NATO, Washington should disengage militarily, turning leadership of the alliance and responsibility for defending the continent over to Europe.

U.S. Should Stay Out if Ukraine Fight Flares Again

Ukraine obviously matters more to Europe than America. Europe has a greater GDP and population than the U.S. (and much larger advantages over Russia). Yet almost all European states continue to disarm. No one in Europe is prepared to fight for Ukraine.

Hillary, Hitler & Cold War II

Patrick J. Buchanan,

If there is a Cold War II, or a U.S.-Russia war, historians of tomorrow will as surely point to the Bushes and Clintons who shoved NATO into Moscow’s face, as historians today point to the men of Paris who imposed the Versailles treaty upon a defeated Germany in 1919.