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James Woods Challenges Eric Holder: Prove You're Not a Real Racial Coward

Matthew Burke, Tea Party News Network

AG Eric Holder said in '09 that ‘when it comes to racism, America is a nation of cowards.’ Conservative actor James Woods tweeted: "This is a direct challenge to Eric Holder: Are you, Sir, going to Memphis, TN to address the Kroger racial hate crime?

Anti-Obama Filmmaker D'Souza Indicted by DOJ

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media

Dinesh D’Souza, fierce critic of Obama, author, and filmmaker has been indicted by the DOJ. Either D'Souza made an error, or he was selectively prosecuted because he is an Obama opponent. This is a small fry violation that hundreds of Dems. engage in, and no one ever looks at.

Conservative Hollywood Group Targeted by IRS

Drew McKenzie, NewsMax

Friends of Abe, a conservative group in Hollywood, shrouded in secrecy for fear of a backlash from powerful movie industry liberals, is being investigated by the IRS after applying for tax-exempt status. FOA is determined to protect the identity of its 1,500 members.

TV: Inclusion for Gays, Not You

Brent Bozell,

Gay TV characters never face any real opposition to the gay agenda on so-called "inclusive" programs. There's no measure of Orthodox religious inclusion and no real debates. When a conservative character is created it's a vicious cartoon, the kind that those "against defamation" folks deeply enjoy.

Santorum: Why GOP Is Failing

Billy Hallowell, The Blaze

“One of the reasons the GOP has done so terrible is because we’re not really good at telling stories, said Rick Santorum. He said conservatives have been equally poor at ensuring that their world views are heard in Hollywood — “or anywhere else.”