conservatives versus Paul Ryan

Cruz warns against changing RNC’s 2012 rule requiring eight-state threshold

David Sherfinski, The Washington Times

With the possibility of a contested convention in Cleveland very much a live option, the rule that has attracted attention, known as Rule 40(b), was adopted at the party’s 2012 convention and requires a candidate to win a majority of delegates in at least eight states to be considered for the nomination. 

House Republicans Who Support Paul Ryan Are Entering A Toxic Primary Environment

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

Establishment Republicans who have rushed headlong to support Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House might want to consider exactly what the environment for their primary election will be, come February, March and April when Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz – who between them now hold about 70% of the Republican primary vote – are knocking on doors and are running millions of dollars of TV against the very policies that Ryan has advocated. It will be a toxic environment for the reelection of any Member of Congress who can be labeled an establishment Republican.

Paul Ryan, Hillary and Jeb: The Three Amnesty Amigos

Why would conservatives want a Republican Speaker of the House whose policy objectives are the same as the leading Democratic candidate for President? Yet if Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House that’s exactly what Republicans would get, especially on amnesty for illegal aliens and the open borders corporate-sponsored mass immigration policies that are wrecking the quality of life for millions of American families.

The Bizarre Arrogance of Paul Ryan

Jake Sherman, Politico

Paul Ryan would "consider" being Speaker if there was no opposition, no sniping, and no acceding to conservative demands for reform in exchange for support.


Alex Swoyer, Breitbart

“Paul Ryan is perceived as …this amazing, articulate, sincere conservative…but, in reality, this is the guy that cuts every budget deal,” conservative author and activist Daniel Horowitz said.

Paul Ryan is the Absolute Worst Choice for Speaker

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

Much like the presidential election, whenever the establishment lacks a “next in line” presumptive front-runner, they lose. The establishment fears an open process for any election because the competition inherent in such a process brings out the truth and the truth hurts their cause.  That is why they are seeking to preempt a protracted race for Speaker by clearing the field with Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan: Now the Ugly Face of the GOP Establishment

Those conservatives who saw Paul Ryan and his fellow “young guns” as the vanguard of a new conservative House might profit from recalling the ending of George Orwell’s Animal Farm; “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” In his arrogant dismissal of conservative populist concerns about Obama’s secret trade deal, and especially in his angry advocacy of establishment Republican corporatism that would continue the destruction of the aspirations of America’s working families, the transformation of Paul Ryan seems complete. 

Could There Be a McClintock versus Ryan Showdown in 2016?

Someone needs to offer the principled limited government constitutional alternative to the Republican establishment on spending. Starting a “draft Tom McClintock” committee may be what is needed, because McClintock is saying what few others will – America can’t afford many more mistakes like those the Republican establishment made on the Ryan spending deal.