conservatives versus establishment Republicans

Reagan's Battle W/ Enviro Extremists

William Perry Pendley, Human Events

In a curious twist of history, what allowed environmental extremists to get their way after Reagan was the economic recovery for which he was responsible. 

Ted Cruz Sets Up A Necessary Constitutional Confrontation

Republicans must stand firm against any CR with Obamacare funding in it. If they don’t, then what is established is the principle that the federal government is entitled to whatever money is necessary to keep programs Congress created in the past going, whether the people want them or not, and a perpetual government entitlement to funding would signal the end of constitutional government in America.

A Tale of Two Movements

W. James Antle III, American Conservative

What do Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz's divergent paths say about the future of the Republican Party?

Viguerie: More Cruzes, No Roves

Ginni Thomas, Daily Caller

“I say to Karl Rove: We’ve done it his way. The only real big victories that conservatives have had, and there have been four of them in the last fifty years, all of them have been conservative victories,” said CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie.

Cruz: Here's How We Defund It

Sen. Ted Cruz, Real Clear Politics

Sen. Repubs. must demand a 60-vote threshold for any effort that would add OCare funding back into the House bill. Sens. must stop Reid from rejecting the bill and adding Obamacare funding with merely 51 votes.

Celebrating Richard Viguerie’s 80th Birthday

Far from being a look back at a successful career and a life well-lived, we expect tonight’s celebration of CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie's 80th birthday to be a look ahead.

You Know the GOP Establishment is Losing When…

If the Tennessee Republican Party allows Chairman Chris Devaney to remain as chairman, despite his egregious violations of the Party rules, it will send a clear signal that they believe rules and laws are just for the little people, not the GOP elite.

Reaganites' OCare Defunding a 'Go'

Erik Wasson and Russell Berman, The Hill

House Republicans are moving forward with a gov't funding bill that would defund Obamacare. The legislation is a nod to conservatives, some of whom quickly backed the plan. 

The Phenomenon of Quin Hillyer

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

One of the problems common to public office holders is that the desire to have a title too often outstrips a well thought out reason for holding the job in the first place. This will never be said of Quin Hillyer.

NeoCons Are Back But Not in GOP

Kelley Vlahos, American Conservative

Will the hawks have the clout to push the Syria issue, or will they be sidelined by a growing anti-interventionism within the GOP?

Boehner's Scared of Conservatives

Erick Erickson, Red State

John Boehner is scared conservatives are gaining traction on defunding Obamacare. His "pollster" is even rigging a poll to get some desired results.

Quintessentially Conservative

Kyle Peterson, American Spectator

Quin Hillyer, successor to a long line of bonafide conservatives and former editor of American Spectator, is one of the best voices of the conservative movement. He stands ready to blow away his establishment R opponents in the House race for AL01. 

Ron+Rand Team Up on Christie

Jonathan Easely, The Hill

Rand and Ron Paul hit back at Christie's RNC comments, saying, “There's more to it than just power. To say and do anything you want just to be in government? You have to believe in something and understand economics."

Estab. GOP May Cost R's The House

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller

Levin blasted R. House leaders, warning that by attacking more conservative R's, Boehner and Reps. Ryan and Cantor are throwing away the '14 elections.

The Future of Conservatism

Matthew Sheffield, NewsBusters

In W. James Antle II's new book, "Can Big Government Be Stopped?", he discusses how we’ve flipped the script-- the conservative voters are the voters Repub office-holders have to worry about and cater to the most.

Conservatives Slam Ryan on OCare

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

Ryan is under fire from conservatives for opposing Sen. GOP efforts to block or revise continuing-resolution budget bills and potentially force a gov't shutdown until Obamacare is defunded.

Tea Party PACs Clean Rove’s Clock

Let’s hope these results indicate Rove’s “Svengali-like power” over donors was broken by his catastrophic failures in 2012, and that donors are now demanding to know what the candidates stand for before they contribute. Once Rove’s donors start doing that, we are confident they will invest in principled conservatives like Sam Brownback, Mike Pence, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, rather than the content-free vessels into which Rove pours “me-too” establishment Republicanism.

Why RPaul and Christie Went to War

Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman, Politico

The tiff revealed party divisions and how each man had placed starkly different bets on the GOP's future.

RPaul: Christie Is King of Pork

Zeke J Miller, Time

“This is the king of bacon talking about bacon,” said Paul. “I’m trying to grow the party by talking about liberation ideas of privacy." 

Cruz: Estab-GOP Is Surrender Caucus

Manu Raju and Burgess Everett, Politico

Cruz has gone further than other conservatives, calling out Coburn, McConnell and others for not helping defund Obamacare.