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Levin: Amend the Constitution

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

The Liberty Amendments, Levin's new book, consists of a well thought-out program of amendments, combined with a political strategy that could work.

Cuccinelli Hammers McAuliffe In First VA Governors Campaign Debate

Cuccinelli did a great job of letting Terry McAuliffe publicly admit that he wants to mirror the same economically destructive agenda pushed by the Washington elite and President Obama.

DeMint Holds GOP Accountable

Anna Palmer and Manu Raju, Politico

The Heritage leader and Tea Party fave made it clear that they're not in the business of pleasing the GOP.

Amash: Best Congressman in D.C.?

Christian Rice, Policy Mic

Here are six reasons why Amash is the top Rep. Hints: Social media, nonpartisanship lead the list.

Amash Fighting Big Brother NSA

Rep. Justin Amash’s principled stand for liberty and privacy is in stark contrast to the House Republican leadership who have largely ignored the illegal and unconstitutional acts of the Obama security apparatus in favor of a “security at any cost” attitude toward the NSA's domestic surveillance program.

A Return to The Conservative Mind

Gerald Russello, Daily Caller

Conservatism has forgotten its roots in the tradition of liberty and community. Let's revisit Russell Kirk's book.

Prayers Answered? Rand Paul Thinking About Running For President

If we are to establish a conservative government for America we have a huge task ahead of us, but the labor will be made easier if there is a principled limited government constitutional conservative leader calling grassroots conservatives, libertarians and Tea Partiers to the task. Senator Rand Paul’s comments to Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle are encouragement that at least one leader who fits that description is considering answering the call.