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In Memoriam: Senator Tom Coburn, More Than Dr. No

While Dr. Coburn’s long battle against pork barrel spending and the accumulation of our ruinous national debt made him persona non grata in the plush bars and swank restaurants of Washington’s K Street lobbyist hangouts, conservatives remember him for two other things; his steadfast Christian faith and his unrelenting opposition to abortion.

Cuccinelli Endorses Convention Of The States

One of the most unique and important discussions among constitutional conservatives is taking place right now in Virginia’s General Assembly.  It is the debate about whether the states (including Virginia) should exercise their rights to call an Article V Convention of States. 

Sen. Coburn: Let’s Change Constitution

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Retiring Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) is pushing for a national convention to amend the Constitution.

Call A Constitutional Convention Already!

Allen Mendenhall, American Spectator

The Constitution's Article V: A gift from the founders.

10th Amendment Center’s Bad Interpretation of Nullification

Jen Kuznicki,

Tea partiers must be made aware that the Tenth Amendment Center does not speak the truth when it insists that nullifying federal law, as defined by the Center, is in line with Madison and Jefferson.

Constitutional Convention Returns Power to The People

Cal Thomas, Washington Examiner

IN Repub. state Sen. David Long is promoting an unused section of the Constitution as the ultimate check on big government. Article V provides two paths to amending the Constitution.

(Mark) Levinomics for America

Peter Ferrara, American Spectator

The economic ideas in Mark Levin’s new book are no less vital than the constitutional ones.