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Lessons from the Civil War 150 Years Later

Lee’s meeting with Union commander Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865 was both the practical end of Confederate resistance and essential beginning of national reconciliation. The conflict killed perhaps 750,000 Americans, ravaged much of the South, malformed the national government, and destroyed America’s political checks and balances. The Civil War offers important lessons for Americans today.

Today Conservatives Can Remake Congress And Restore America

Congressional retirements are picking up. It does the cause of limited constitutional government no good to nominate and elect another establishment Republican. Here’s the list of open seats to-date. Conservatives must start making the calls and setting the meetings to recruit limited government constitutional conservative candidates to run in every Republican primary.

What's Behind DeMint-McConnell Feud

Jonathan Strong, National Review Online

A huge fight is a long time coming. Why? Mitch McConnell is a massive obstacle to the constitutional government DeMint has championed for decades.