Trump Deranged Blue Checkmarks Get Punked By Obviously Fake Coronavirus Quote

Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

A few days ago, a parody account that writes parody tweets put out an obvious parody of a Lindsay Graham statement. The joke, such as it is, is not subtle. Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., who went from mocking President Trump to generally supporting him, now claims that President Trump knows more than expert scientists, hardy har har har har har. I don’t mean to be rude, but if you can’t tell this is a joke, you have a serious problem. Either you are deluded by irrational Trump hatred, or you are a weak victim of the daily barrage of propaganda that comes out from anti-Trump corporate media. Neither is particularly flattering. So I was shocked to see how many people fell for it.

Will Trump Pass The Coronavirus Test?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

In recent decades, America’s economic and political elites surrendered her economic independence for globalism, a new interdependence of nations, where we Americans no longer rely on ourselves alone for the vital necessities of our national life. In the ongoing struggle between nationalism and globalism, the globalists are taking a beating. Like the Chinese and Japanese and Koreans, Americans are not going to be looking to the WHO or U.N. to ensure their health, but to their own nation-states. And if a pandemic threatens, transnationalism’s “open borders” ideology is not a policy that will bring universal acclamation. All nations are going to put their own people first. As they should.

USA Marks First Coronavirus Death As Democrats Push Panic

Contrary to what Democrats would like to panic you into believing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s budget and staffing are both up under President Trump. The proactive measures the government has put in place thus far show the system is working and the Democrats’ attacks on the measures Trump is taking are lies intended to generate fear and panic for their political advantage.

For Democrats, Coronavirus Is the New Russia… Or, Is It Ukraine?

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

What is it with these people? Why can’t they, in the face of a national, actually global, emergency, be collegial for ten minutes. Instead they are villainous liars. When the Democrats move their target from Russia to Ukraine to impeachment and now to the coronavirus, it’s not only about Trump. Even more it’s about power, personal power as manifest through the political. It comes from the depths of selfishness. Is this good for me? The Democrats have taken this and stood it on its head. Whatever happens, it’s Trump’s fault. And if it’s not really Trump’s fault, it should be. In times like this people reveal themselves for who they are. And what we are seeing from the Democrats isn’t pretty.

Democrats Turn Coronavirus Into Bio-Weapon Against Trump

Sen. Schumer, Speaker Pelosi and presidential aspirant Michael Bloomberg are attacking President Trump over the response to the coronavirus. The politicization of the response to the coronavirus by the Democrats is already well underway, if you don’t believe it, ask the Democrats if they are ready to clean up California’s vast homeless camps to help stymie the potential spread of the coronavirus.

Democrats Playing Politics With Coronavirus

Only very strict quarantine and safeguards can stop the spread of the coronavirus. We think if Democrats really care about protecting their fellow citizens from a coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, then they will cooperate with the President and Secretary Azar in immediately closing our borders and funding an expansion of the research necessary to contain the disease. If they don’t then we all will know they are just playing politics with American lives.

Evidence Pointing To Coronavirus Bioweapons Link Not Debunked

Anything critical of Red China has been met with almost universal condemnation or censorship from the establishment media. However, Chinese citizen journalists, physicians and scientists whose reports have leaked out of China – in some cases at the peril of the reporter’s life – tell a story that suggests there may indeed be a connection between the coronavirus outbreak and China’s Wuhan bioweapons super lab.

Maybe the Coronavirus Will Teach Millennials the Dangers of Communism

Melissa Mackenzie, The American Spectator

Maybe now millennials and those younger will wake up to the reality of totalitarian, communist regimes. Even supposedly advanced ones like China revert to type when under stress. A people’s paradise is created through force. Through the regime’s desire to save face, their hiding of information and punishing the truth-tellers may have inflicted a new, deadly virus on the world. Will younger people wake up to the dangers posed by the tyranny needed to produce socialist/communist governments? Unlikely. The only thing wrong with socialism, it seems, is that it hasn’t been done right. Bernie Sanders will save them, they believe, and bring a world of fairness and equality. Like China, but better!

Socialized Medicine in the Shadow of Wuhan

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Yes, government should, in fact must, have a role in healthcare, but when it has the dominant one, when an inherently complex system becomes increasingly bureaucratic, we are asking for inefficiency (cf. the Obamacare website), a plethora of mistakes with little redress and, most importantly, a built in lack of transparency, a potentially lethal self-protectiveness. In the case of China, this is particularly true, because as a precarious communist regime, they feel constrained to lie about what is occurring to protect their power. That is what is transpiring now before our eyes. It’s almost on the level of desperation and is having serious repercussions across the globe.

The Coronavirus Could Be Trump’s Katrina

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Trump needs to go on the air, to the American people, and lay out the situation. Then Team Trump needs to step up the game by arm-twisting the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) into talking to us, at length, in detail. Get those science nerds in their lab coats out there, in front of the camera, every day, bombarding us with info. Talk our ears off. If the president assures the citizenry that he understands this is a priority and that he is vectoring in America’s best scientists to respond, that not only foils the cheesy partisan political attack that is coming. It helps the actual defeat of this potential epidemic. It will serve to calm fears as well as tell people what to do.