The Spread of the Debt Virus

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

We've faced three recent existential crises. First was the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The second occurred in 2008, when the U.S. financial system and stock market nearly collapsed. The third began earlier this year with the COVID-19 epidemic and a quarantine. During the first two crises, we snapped back the economy with low interest rates, increased government spending, and larger annual deficits — and passed the greater long-term debt to another administration and another Congress. We are postponing another rendezvous with reality. What cannot go on much longer soon probably won’t.

David Franke: Why Covid-19 Is So Different from Previous Pandemics

Our friend David Franke writing for says this is not the first time that a pandemic has struck hard at the United States. What is different today is how we have over-reacted with fear and panic. Mr. Franke takes a quick stroll through the history of the past 100 years and then draws some lessons about why our current reaction is so unprecedented.

Lockdown Democrats Push a 'Can't Do' Movement

Stephen Moore, CNS News

Red states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas will be doing much better in jobs and business conditions. Democrats have foolishly defined themselves as the lockdown party. With many Americans, this is popular—for now. But it is a downer ideology. Modern liberalism is a “can’t do” movement. For the last 20 years, red states in the South and Sun Belt and Mountain States have been growing at about twice the pace of blue states with high taxes and heavy regulation. My prediction: blue states are now facing a change or die choice, and no amount of free money from Washington will change that cold reality.

Confirmed: 'Some people are making more money by not working.'

While some workers are turning down jobs because they’re worried about getting sick or infecting family members or because they don’t have child care, others are flat-out telling employers they’re making more money safe at home collecting unemployment. Fifteen days to flatten the curve morphed into five months off work at more than your regular pay, to -- if Democrats get their way -- a full year of watching TV on the taxpayers’ tab.

Who Believes the Lockdowns Were About Science?

David Catron, The American Spectator

All roads lead back to the politicians. The officials who imposed state and local lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic ignored science and relied on charlatans like Neil Ferguson and the same jackleg models that predicted bird flu would cause 150 million deaths and projected 2.2 million coronavirus deaths in the United States. Now the models tell us that there will be a summer surge if we don’t stay home like good little girls and boys. This nonsense has nothing to do with science or public health. It is, as always, about politics and power. It’s time to come out and dare them to do something about it.

During coronavirus pandemic, essentials are the new protected class

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

The Trump revolution, for all its progress, clearly has more work to do. For by hook and crook, the protected managed to hang on to power. This time they call themselves “essential.” Among the many actions governors and mayors took in the last three months, the decisions about working, shopping, swimming and even praying were hugely consequential. They were also arbitrary and often foolish. The arbitrary distinction between essential and nonessential recalls the gag about the difference between a recession and a depression. A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a ­depression is when you lose your job.

Conservative Leaders: End Perverse Incentives Keeping Workers Home

No matter the dearth of local COVID cases or the establishment’s strict safety precautions, expanded unemployment benefits, including a $600 a week COVID "bonus," have incentivized some employees to refuse to return to work. Now, a group of conservative leaders has penned an open letter to Republicans in Congress and President Trump urging them to fix the policies that encourage workers to stay off the job.

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's careless cruelty shows in coronavirus nursing home policy

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

The core of cruelty defining New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo marches on. As many contend, his policies are responsible for the shocking number of deaths at nursing homes in the state. The policy of requiring coronavirus patients to go from hospital to a nursing home, regardless of whether they still harbored the virus, while forbidding nursing homes from refusing them, was even more perplexing considering Trump and the federal government had sent the hospital ship Comfort to provide additional support and beds, as well as establishing the Javits Center as a massive field hospital with an additional 1,700 beds.

Where Does Ron DeSantis Go to Get His Apology?

Rich Lowry, National Review

DeSantis says he "knew that none of these (media) people knew anything about Florida at all, so I didn’t care.” Perhaps things will still go wrong in Florida, perhaps its relative good fortune can be chalked up to weather, perhaps county-level lockdowns made a big difference, but no one can say that the state hasn’t taken a thoughtful approach to the crisis. Or, no one can reasonably say that — which, of course, hasn’t stopped many journalists. “I view it more as a badge of honor that I was doing a good job,” DeSantis says, “and that they viewed me as a target, because if I wasn’t, they probably would just ignore me.”

Support Trump 's Plans to Jumpstart the Economy and Get Americans Back to Work

Contrary to what Democrats clearly want – which is to increase the economic damage and misery – President Trump has begun to implement a bold plan of regulatory relief to jumpstart the economy and get Americans back to work. If if your Governor still has your state lockeddown call him or her to demand that the economy of your state be reopened. To send a letter to your Senators and Representative and state elected officials go to and use the "Send Letter" tool.

Trump Will Survive the COVID-19 Economy

David Catron, The American Spectator

An attempt to hang Herbert Hoover around Trump’s neck will fail: First, it’s not clear that many rank-and-file Democratic voters would be able to identify Herbert Hoover, much less how he relates to the COVID-19 economy. Second, polls already show Trump ahead of his probable November opponent in critical swing states where Democratic governors refuse to reopen their economies. If the president wins those states, neither Joe Biden nor any other Democrat will be able to defeat him. Finally, Trump has already demonstrated that he can bring a moribund economy back to life. No one else in America can make that claim.

You Only Die Once

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

The media’s fear-mongering has inflicted serious damage. Death is not just a statistic in epidemiology, it is the ultimate in “social distancing.” You only die once, and death rather drastically reduces your chance of spreading infection. We do not know enough about this disease yet to be able to predict who will get infected, or which among those infected will get sick or die. Nor do we know why some infected people never get symptoms. What we do know is that, so far, ending the statewide lockdown in Georgia has not produced the catastrophe that the media doomsayers predicted. Have they learned anything? Probably not.

It's the future economy, stupid: Trump bets his reelection on better times ahead

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

Trump is making the "we're back" argument while the coronavirus still rages, and, he acknowledged, there is no vaccine. Some 36 million people in the United States are out of work. Trump is appealing to his past economic success, promising that things are going to be better in the near future and that he is the man who can make it happen. Biden and the Democrats hope to make this election a referendum on Trump’s tweets, temperament, coronavirus management, and the current state of the economy. That puts the onus on Trump to make Biden’s record a factor in voters’ choices and make his own economic pitch for the future.

Blame governors for the coronavirus deaths in nursing homes

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

We think of ourselves as civilized, but mindless policies and bureaucratic indifference turned many nursing homes and rehabilitation centers into killing fields. The striking contrast between Florida on one hand and New York and New Jersey on the other can be traced largely to policy decisions by their governors. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey issued almost identical orders in late March requiring nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients being discharged from hospitals. The orders barred the homes from even asking if the patients had the virus, lest they be discriminated against.

The Media Bias Against Florida's Conservative Governor Ron DeSantis

New York has 10 times the coronaviru deaths that Florida has. With the Democrat icon showing so badly the liberal media claims the notion that there is a blue-state and a red-state way of attacking the virus is absurd. We might agree, if the Leftwing media was not giving New York's Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo a pass for his disastrous results while pillorying Florida's conservative Governor Ron DeSantis for his success, not only in saving lives, but getting Floridians back to work.

Fauci vs. Trump -- Who's Right?

Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News

Fauci is not "The Decider" here. Trump is. It is he who is accountable to the nation for weighing the losses, both human and material, due to his decisions. Fauci may be the best at what he does, but he is still only an adviser. Believing he can do no more than his White House is now doing to contain the incidence of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, Trump has decided his primary job is to prevent the nation from a catastrophic economic collapse from which it might take years to recover. Trump will be responsible for whether the policy succeeds or opens the floodgates to a second and worse wave, should it come.

To Mask Or Not To Mask?

If you are suffering from whiplash or feel like you are watching a tennis match join the club trying to follow the conflicting medical advice about face masks. And if the medical and public health advice is conflicting, wearing a mask – or not – now seems to have become a political statement as well. As the unconstitutional lockdowns begin to come off other arbitrary mandates, such as wearing a mask when outdoors, are being imposed. We are interested in what CHQ readers think about wearing a mask – please let us know in the comments after this article.

The Best Defense Against Covid-19 is a Strong Immune System

Given the importance of our immune systems in keeping us in good health, and protecting us from the pandemic, one would think serious attention would be given to strengthening everyone’s immune systems before drugs and medical procedures are needed.  But one would be wrong in that assumption.  Very little attention is focused on strengthening natural immunity, in the mainstream media or even in the general medical community.

It Happened in New York

Rich Lowry, National Review

The simplistic shots at President Trump, who indeed should have taken the virus more seriously at the outset, don’t work. He’s the president of New York, but also of other large, international cities that have escaped New York’s fate. Has his leadership been better in those places, or do divergent conditions and local decisions account for the better outcomes? None of this, of course, is to disparage New Yorkers. They have absorbed a gut punch over the past two months with characteristic grit and bravery. Yet, without New York’s distinctive vulnerability, the course of the epidemic would look completely different.

Unbearable Truths About Our Current Political Moment

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

Sometimes the truth is like mythical kryptonite. It radiates power and yet promises great destruction. And so reality is to be left alone, encased in lead, and kept at bay. Joe Biden himself is not cognitively able to run a presidential campaign. Even if successful, he is not prepared to serve as president. Do they simply shaft the runner-up, nutty socialist Bernie Sanders and his legions of true believers? How could the media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the bureaucratic state, academia, and entertainment ever process that reality: that a deity was likely the most corrupt president (Obama) in a generation?