The Deadly Costs of Extended Shutdown Orders

Heather Mac Donald, American Greatness

The focus on saving “just one life” from the coronavirus to the exclusion of all other considerations likely will prove a catastrophic failure of policymaking. The devastation to individuals’ ability to flourish or even survive may soon become irreversible. Every scientific model used to justify these economic death sentences has been discredited. Officials must be made to justify, through a transparent analysis of costs and benefits, all further mandates to prevent people from working. Otherwise, there may be nothing recognizable as our economy to return to, with a resulting cost in human life and well-being that will match anything the coronavirus could inflict.

A fascist bridge too far: Americans are asked to snitch on each other during coronavirus crisis

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

There are situations requiring a call to the police. Recently, there was a bust of an underground bar in New York City, open in a secret location involving a dozen people drinking and gambling. But to ask individuals to turn in their neighbors because they are deemed to not be standing far enough away from someone, or sitting next to a coworker, or for not wearing a mask somewhere, is a fascist bridge too far. Now when we’ve actually surpassed what could’ve been a catastrophe because Americans everywhere, in blue, red and purple cities, chose to change their lives in order to help others, now Democrats are resorting to encouraging people to do the opposite.

Rep. Thomas Massie Defends The Constitution… Again

Principled limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Thomas Massie once again bucked the DC  Uniparty to demand Congress follow the Constitution and its own rules. The way we see it Rep. Massie is another frontline hero of this epidemic. Just as doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are trying to quell the coronavirus epidemic, Rep. Massie is on the frontlines trying to quell the epidemic of anti-constitutional government that is threatening the life of our Republic.

Conservative Leaders Stand With 'Get America Back To Work' Governors

Governors in Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, Alaska, and Tennessee have begun announcing phased re-openings of their states and communities, allowing people to choose to return to work, go shopping, purchase services, and attend religious services, and once again exercise their rights and judgments as citizens. The conservative leaders of the Conservative Action Project applaud the thoughtful leadership of these governors.

Coronavirus protesters just want to work

Salena Zito, Washington Examiner

It makes you wonder how many of the online critics of the protesters do so from their homes, still gainfully employed, and not having to worry about how they are going to feed their families. The people at the event were polite, they were demonstrative, but they clearly were sending the message that they wanted to get back to work and that they want the state to get back to work. “It's really that fundamental thing, that dignity of work. When you take that away from someone, that strips them of so many layers of who they are,” said Charlie Gerow. “All work has dignity, and without that dignity, people really feel like they've lost much more than a paycheck.”

They Can’t Stop Us from Re-Opening America

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

We’re going to see a rush back to freedom. What's got to happen is conservative states are going to start opening up soon. Then people in fascist nightmare states like California and New York are going to look over at Texas and North Dakota and the rest of free America that lies outside of the future People's Republic and wonder why the hell they are still getting yelled at for going to the beach. Pretty soon it’ll be an avalanche as people demand to re-open. And then the stock market is going to soar and unemployment is going to come down and we’re going to put this nightmare behind us. And Trump will get re-elected, which they fear more than any virus.

The Restaurant Industry Is Doing Far Worse Than You Might Think

Christopher Bedford, The Federalist

The outlook for restaurants is worsening, with only one in five owners from shutdown cities believing they’ll be able to survive. Furthermore, the Paycheck Protection Program does not seem to be helping. While Washington has focused on pushing small businesses to retain their employees for two months, restaurateurs report the money is not coming, the restaurants are closed and will remain closed over those two months, and while employees are able to retreat to fortified unemployment insurance programs, most owners are more worried about rent or paying their vendors than maintaining payroll for their shuttered operations or rehiring staff already on unemployment.

Is Sweden’s Problem Coronavirus or Immigration?

After the Swedish government chose not to shut down the country in response to the Wuhan virus empidemic our friend David Franke took a deep dive into the mortality statistics for Sweden and other European countries and made a shocking discovery: mortality per million during this epidemic may be driven more by cultural differences attributable to mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa than it is by government lockdown policies.

Call Your Senators, Demand They Confirm Michael Pack To Head The U.S. Agency For Global Media

The Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044), call your Senators and Senator Risch TODAY – demand they confirm Michael Pack and don’t take the epidemic as an excuse for inaction because getting the U.S. Agency for Global Media into the battle with China is a reason to confirm Pack, not an excuse for further delay in filling this important position.

The Superstition of ‘Science’

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

We won’t wait for permission from Cuomo (or Nancy Pelosi) to begin their own step-by-step approach to resuming normal life. Floridians are back on the beach, and Texas has announced its own plan to reopen the economy. Maybe these plans are premature and will produce renewed outbreaks of COVID-19, but we won’t know for a few weeks. Real science, however, requires trial and error. The “experts” failed to predict the trajectory of this pandemic, because their computer models were all wrong. If the states are our country’s “laboratories of democracy,” they may also act as laboratories for disease control. Let’s hope their ongoing experiments prove successful.

‘It’s a Free Country, Brother’

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Authoritarians and petty fascists, eager to issue endless edicts, molt their exoskeletons, as if under their chrysalis suits they were always caudillos, waiting to be reborn with sunglasses and epaulettes. But a free and empowered people, even in times of mortal danger, long nursed on a Bill of Rights, is hard to subjugate or shut up. Thank God, we have a Constitution quite different from those of European nations, which are themselves far superior to other alternatives. American individualism and the Bill of Rights that birthed it are still proving, for a while longer, too strong for the natural forces of fascism masquerading as “we had to destroy freedom to save it.”

COVID-19 Origins: The Must-Read Truth From Clare Lopez

As an explanation of how the Chinese Communists understand warfare “Made in China” stands on its own as an excellent primer on the subject, but our interest is in Clare Lopez’s report as the best short explanation available of how the 2019-nCoV came into existence and how the Communist Chinese weaponized the pandemic against the West.

As virus rages, leaders keep dodging blame

Byron York, Washington Examiner

What is clear now is that more than a few officials around the country were slow to act. And some of them in high positions -- not as high as President of the United States, but quite powerful -- are reluctant to admit it. Take House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has said that the president's downplaying of coronavirus has cost American lives. It would be reasonable to argue that this time is no time to discuss blame. But anyone listening to the national conversation knows that horse is long out of the barn. At some point, amid never-ending discussions of President Trump's alleged culpability, the conversation will turn to some prominent Democrats, as well.

President Trump Should Adjourn Congress and Fill Critical Executive Positions

The conservative leaders of the Conservative Action Project, led by President Reagan’s Attorney General Edwin Meese III and CAP Chairman Alfred S. Regnery, have released an open letter to President Trump urging him to adjourn Congress and use his recess appointment power fill key positions that have been left vacant in his administration through congressional inaction and obstruction.

Only You Can Put America Back To Work

Clearly, the imposition of tyrannical collective rules are only acceptable to those with high levels of fear; prohibiting skateboarding, forbidding solo motorboating and “non-essential” advertising are rightly losing the support of millions of Americans who are already ignoring them as unscientific, irrational and in many cases unconstitutional. What is needed to get us back to "normal" is for each of us to take responsibility for our own safety and manage our fears accordingly.

AR-15 Build - Our CHQ Cabin Fever Project Part 2, Step 3, Completion Of The Lower Receiver

Many would be gun buyers have found popular guns, such as the AR-15, to be as scarce as toilet paper. This temporary demand-based shortage of AR-15s has prompted many Americans to take the practical and perfectly legal (in most jurisdictions) alternative of building their own AR-platform rifle. Follow us in Part 2, Step 3 of our project as we complete our lower receiver to exercise our Second Amendment rights and ward off cabin fever by building an AR-15.

Will COVID-19 Retire the World's Policeman?

Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News

There are allegations that the coronavirus did not originate in the Wuhan "wet market" where bats are sold for food but instead escaped through a horrible blunder in a Chinese bioweapons laboratory a few miles away. Whatever the truth, the Wuhan virus appears to have become the most effective means of disabling U.S. hard and soft power that we have encountered in many a decade. Will this pandemic prove the decisive factor in America's retreat from global hegemony? With the U.S. budget deficit for 2020 originally set at $1 trillion, now triple that, there is going to be a hard reckoning for the allocation of our diminished resources after the nation reopens.

How to get the economy back into gear

Byron York, Washington Examiner

"At some point, the president is going to have to look at Drs. Fauci and Birx and say, 'We're opening on May 1,'" Laura Ingraham said recently. "Give me your best guidance on protocols, but we cannot deny our people their basic freedoms any longer." The good news is that with luck and smart planning, conditions will be right on May 1 for the reopening to begin on a state-by-state, county-by-county basis, guided by the federal and state and local officials. There will undoubtedly be surprises. The coronavirus has presented the U.S. with an unprecedented crisis, and so the recovery will be unprecedented, too. The time is quickly coming to move forward.

Some Things Will Never Be the Same After the Chinese Coronavirus

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

The pandemic will not change some things much at all. But other things are another story. Some things were changing anyway, and this body blow is going to accelerate the trends towards creative destruction as old ways of doing things fade away quicker than expected and new ones come to the forefront. No, this is not an epic disaster like a famine, earthquake or plague of frogs, but it is also not nothing. And when the Big One hits – a really bad virus, an asteroid, a leftist administration that declares war on freedom-loving citizens and tries to make us serfs – then maybe we’ll be confident in our ability to face the challenge and emerge victoriously.

Of Course It’s Trump’s Call

Scott McKay, The American Spectator

You don’t need a plan. You need freedom. Your plan is guaranteed not to work for the majority of Americans, whose needs and responsibilities don’t match whatever you’re going to put in your white paper. These people are adults. They’ve managed to survive in the world long enough to make their own decisions. They didn’t deserve to have their lives upended and their livelihoods destroyed, something that a lousy government check or a worse government loan, whether forgiven or not, is not recompense for. You have done enough to them. Let my people go. Just let them go. They’ve all seen enough of this virus that they understand the risks, and they’ll act accordingly.