Fear Porn Decision-Making

These stay-at-home orders from the Governors of Maryland and Virginia and similar ones issued in other jurisdictions, have been taken solely on the governors’ authority, based on one thing: Fear Porn. Fear-based decision-making is destroying the country and the economy; it is time for our leaders to stop watching the Fear Porn and to set some procedures and deadlines to get America back to work.

Will Trump Use COVID-19 To Promote Peace?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and congressional Republicans ash-canned the leftist wish list. But Trump should go further, turn the tables, and seize this crisis to do what he was elected to do — impose a new foreign policy. Isolate America, not from the world, but from the world’s wars. When, if ever, will there be a better time to make good on Trump’s campaign pledge to extricate America from the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan? What the coronavirus crisis tells us is not that we should turn our backs on the world but that, in engaging with the world, we should put our own interests first, as every nation in the world is doing now.

How Big of a Threat Is the Coronavirus?

David Franke, Richard C.

Whatever he does, President Donald Trump will be blamed for the deaths that occur (that’s already happening).  But there is no easy choice, for him or for the nation.  End the lockdown before the crisis is over, and hundreds of thousands may die and the occupant of the Oval Office will be blamed for their fates.  Yet if we don’t return to work for months, the entire economy of the United States is toast. That doesn’t exactly make me want to be President when I grow up. No matter how over-hyped the coronavirus threat may be, however, it is still a deadly virus.  Take sensible precautions to protect yourself and your family and loved ones.

Coronavirus: More Signs of Hope From Italy

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

America’s COVID-19 pandemic will get worse — and possibly much worse — before it gets better, and nowhere is it likely to get worse than in New York City. Of the 81,836 U.S. coronavirus cases reported by Thursday evening, more than half (44,134, or 54 percent of the total) were in New York and New Jersey. New York reported more than 100 deaths from the disease in a single day. As bad as it is in New York now, it’s going to get much worse during the next week. But if the course of Italy’s outbreak is an indicator, the situation in New York (and in the rest of America) should begin to improve during the second week of April. Keep an eye on Italy.

As Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise, Media Begin Censoring Press Conferences

Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

In response to positive Trump's positive poll numbers, the media were angry and depressed and began blaming his press conferences. Their theory seemed to be that the more Americans saw Trump, unfiltered, they liked him and the more Americans saw the behavior of the media, they didn’t like it. This flies in the face of what many in the media assumed for years. They pushed for daily White House press conferences so that they could have the opportunity to be on camera and pressure Trump. Now that they had daily press briefings with the president, they weren’t happy. A weird response for people whose ostensible job is to simply report the news of the day.

Is The Constitution Worth Dying For?

The Second Amendment, the First Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, the Fourteenth Amendment and the rest of the Constitution are unequivocal and living in a free society involves accepting certain risks. How about instead of using the coronavirus epidemic to suspend the Constitution we all act like responsible citizens, stay home and self-isolate if we are at risk, wash our hands, sanitize common surfaces, such as door knobs and grocery carts, get ourselves checked if we feel ill and keep our liberty.

Rep. Thomas Massie Was Right

If we accept that our elected leaders can ignore what some have sneeringly called constitutional niceties at this early stage of the epidemic response we can only imagine how much worse for constitutional liberty things are going to get, but by that time it will be too late to thank Rep. Thomas Massie for his principled warnings and objections to this massive assault on the Constitution and our federal system of limited government and ordered liberty.

A Plague of Democratic Partisanship

David Catron, The American Spectator

It’s difficult to imagine anything more cynical than the partisan effort to exploit a pandemic that is not merely killing Americans but also destroying the economic foundation upon which the survivors depend for their livelihoods. While congressional Republicans and President Trump attempt to ameliorate both emergencies, partisans attack them, as Joe Biden did. As indicated by the Harris poll, many Americans are worried about the economy as well as COVID-19, but Democrats see both as opportunities. We are in the grip of a partisan plague, and politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Cuomo, and Joe Biden are the rats.

Amid virus crisis, Biden, Democrats refine attacks on Trump

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The president's approval rating among Republicans, Gallup says, remains above 90%, while "independents' and Democrats' approval of Trump's performance has increased slightly since earlier this month, tying as the best he has registered to date among each group." It suggests political rivals might want to take care in how they attack him over the virus crisis. Some analysts attribute Trump's polling to a "rally effect" — that is, people instinctively supporting a leader in a moment of threat to the country. No matter what it is, it means that Democrats must search for ways to slam the president without offending those who wish him success.

Trump’s Strategic Foresight Is Being Put to the Test

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

President Donald Trump will have to possess the confidence to see how the world’s greatest economy, greatest medical talent, greatest military, and greatest energy and food production can all be marshaled in a symphonic fashion. That correct formula could fend off a potentially biblical plague without destroying the largest economy in history. If Trump exhibits such cunning and wisdom, then he can balance the consensus of his medical experts that the virus is existentially dangerous with the warnings of his economic advisers that shutting down a multi-trillion-dollar economy can become even more ruinous — and lethal — for Americans.

Virus Heroes and Zeros

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

No one outside that set of losers thinks Trump chose not to wave his magic mask n’ ventilator wand and make them appear in Manhattan. His ratings are going up, and when he starts pushing to get America up and running again, the haters – who are already test-driving their “Trump wants to kill all your grannies because his hotels haz the vacancies!” memes – are going to find that most Americans want to get back to work. This lockdown stuff may play for a while, but its sell-by date is fast approaching and if they think Trump is going to get blamed for freeing people once the Great Curve Flattening starts, they are – as they usually are – wrong.

America Needs a Formula for Reopening. Is the Gov Up to the Task?

Ben Shapiro, CNS News

So, when do we reopen, and how? The biggest problem is that we lack the data to answer the question. How long will that take? We're not going to have answers until some time passes — until we test more, until the outcomes of cases are made certain. But we can certainly construct the formulas that should allow us to calculate possible outcomes as new data comes in, and that should allow us to collectively commit to actions directed at certain outcomes. We require a formula from the government. That's the transparency the markets need, that the American people need. And that, at least, should be attainable over the next two weeks.

The Red Chinese Aim To Use The Wuhan Virus To Win Their War Against America

Red China has long aimed to replace the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency and Wall Street and the US sovereign bond market as the world’s economic safe havens. The Wuhan virus may be a natural mutation, or a virus that jumped from an animal to humans, or it may be an escaped bio-weapon, but whatever its origin the Red Chinese aim to take advantage of the havoc wreaked by the COVID-19 epidemic to win their long war against America.

$2 Trillion Not Enough: Democrat Gov. Cuomo Wants You To Bail Out New York

The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators and Representative to demand that not one penny of your federal tax dollars go to replace lost tax revenue for the state of New York or any other state or local government.

The modern free market is making this plague almost tolerable

Editors, Washington Examiner

As much anxiety as the current situation brings, the technological advancements that free markets have generated are making today's plague much more tolerable. Those who now ignorantly hanker for failed systems such as socialism, perhaps out of a naive desire for novelty, need not look any further than their iPhones for the symbols of their own folly. Such things would never have come to be in a world of central planning. Free enterprise, the chaotic interaction of individual economic decisions, is what ultimately made such things possible and what has created today’s environment of remote commerce. The modern world can thank the free market.

An Easter rebirth for our economy? Hallelujah

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

The obvious implication is that it is impossible to eliminate the coronavirus, but we can contain it and get on with our lives, as we must. That, too, is both realistic and necessary. It’s far too soon to be confident that the road ahead will be smooth and that the nation is on a direct path to recovery. Much about the deadly scourge still remains unknown, and it is worth remembering how recently it came from China and how much it has shaken nearly the entire planet in less than two months. Other nasty surprises cannot be ruled out. Against the upheaval, the old nostrums sound wise. Steady as she goes, be patient and take it one day at a time.

From President Trump, An Admirable Tweet

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The American Spectator

President Trump tweeted late Sunday night that “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.” And he went on,  “At the end of the 15-day period, we will make a decision as to what way we want to go” (all caps in the original). My spies tell me the president has been listening to the right people in and around the White House. America is not a hospital ward. America is a vast country with the most successful economy ever. It is a capitalist economy. From time to time it is hit by unforeseen misfortunes. This time it was hit by an unforeseen virus, but the economy must go on. We need not destroy our economy over this pandemic.

Remember The Black Death And Be Thankful This Isn’t It

Gilbert T. Sewall, The American Conservative

During the Black Death, a venerable University of Paris panel blamed the plague on Saturn invading the house of Jupiter. Expect just as valid pronouncements coming from viziers and opportunists in coming weeks and months. In the 20th century, microbe hunters were able to vanquish bacterial disease. Since the advent of antibiotics in the 1940s, scourges of the past have been simply forgotten. We moderns with high-tech hospitals and our dazzling pharmacopoeia are not used to this scale of viral assault on the human species. Nature is hard to control. It plays the long game—and well. I am looking for an upside, and right now, that’s hard to find.

Is President Trump’s Optimism About Reopening America Justified?

We agree with President Trump that America should be reopened for business sooner rather than later, but the only way for that to work is for all Americans to act to mitigate the transmission of this new disease to their vulnerable neighbors and family members. Go to 15 Days To Slow The Spread, follow the guidelines, and prepare to discipline yourself to keep following the hygiene guidelines once the lockdown begins to come off.

When Evil Meets Stupid

It should probably not surprise us that the latest gambit Far Left progressives have deployed against Donald Trump is to blame him for some of the dumb things desperate people have done to try to protect themselves from coronavirus. The most notable, and truly evil, example of this phenomena is the media and Democrat politician reaction to the sad fate of an Arizona couple.