culture war

Teaching children about America's principles offers a way to win the culture war

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

The way to change a culture is not from the top down but from the bottom up, not through Washington but through the human heart and individual choices. It is not too late to make choices for ourselves and for our families, especially where we send our young children to school. Children, like soldiers, must be trained and indoctrinated with the knowledge and principles of the nation (or kingdom) they are expected to serve. The verses in Scripture that include teach and learn instruct godly parents in what God expects when it comes to children on loan to us for a brief time. Legions of young men and women taught such things will build up a culture and ultimately a nation. It is the only way to win a culture war.

Get It Through Your Head That Progressives Hate You

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

We need to accept the harsh reality that a substantial number of our fellow citizens hate our guts. All the simpering blabber about civility, all the clichés about unity, are all just comforting lies. A bunch of them hate us. They hate us. Hate. And we need to stop pretending the truth right in front of us is not right in front of us. What do we do? We fight. This is not going to be a single skirmish. This is a campaign, a long and difficult one with the objective of destroying the ideological cancer metastasizing through America’s body politic.

Nothing Narrow About This Huge Win In The Culture War

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Rights don’t exist to protect the majority because the majority doesn’t need protecting. The law recognizes rights in order to protect good people whose views society largely does not share, like Jack Phillips, and also applies to loathsome scummy dirtbag Nazis, creepy commies, KKK idiots, and Antifa morons. Rights exist to protect minorities, people who, statistically, you probably disagree with. If you don’t recognize that rights come to us via our Creator you should at least appreciate the utilitarian rationale that you might personally find yourself in the minority someday.

Trump Embraces the Culture War

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

In the culture wars, Trump has rejected compromise or capitulation and decided to defend the ground on which his most loyal folks stand. People who stand by you in a fight are not all that common in politics. When Trump exhibits this quality, he receives in reciprocity the kind of loyalty even his enemies concede he has.

The Culture War Is Far from Over – And The Left’s Not Winning

Jeffrey Charles, CNS News

Conservatives can — and should — make compelling arguments against leftist ideas. However, there are times when we should just allow the left to repudiate their own arguments. In many cases, the flaws inherent in their views can be quite obvious to those who are not firmly on the left. On the other hand, there are times when Conservatives can and should jump into the fray.

To win, Democrats will do anything except lay off the culture war

Rich Lowry, New York Post

Ossoff merely reflected his party’s attitude. Stopping Trump is imperative, so long as it doesn’t require the party rethinking its uncompromising stance on abortion, guns or immigration. Every old rule should be thrown out in the cause of the resistance — except the tried-and-true orthodoxies on social issues.

Democrat F-Bombs and the Inevitable Culture War

Mark Bauerlein, The American Spectator

The willingness of Kathy Griffin and Maxine Waters to go as far as they have shows how deeply invested progressives are in the insult tactic. This is going to continue until November 2018 and the midterm elections. If the Democrats win, it will vindicate threats and profanity in American politics.