Danger of Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s Allergy to Transparency

Laura Ingraham, Lifezette.com

On the 15th anniversary of the deadliest terror attack on American soil, Mrs. Clinton’s handlers found themselves out of excuses. The physical evidence was stark — and it came in the form of video taken from multiple angles of her being led out of a memorial event. In these videos, she appears weak, knees buckling, almost falling to the ground before being elevated into the van that was waiting curbside.

A record number of Americans now dislike Hillary Clinton

Aaron Blake, The Washington Post

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows 41 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of Clinton, while 56 percent have an unfavorable one. That's the worst image Clinton has had in her quarter-century in national public life.

The War Intensifies

Michael Ledeen, PJ Media

The enemy knows that Obama’s leaving in 5 months, so it’s best to grab while the grabbing’s easy.   Bad times indeed.