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How Much Do We Trust Alexa, Siri, Nest, and Ring — and Their Makers?

John Fund, National Review

The electronic “smart home” promises endless convenience and security. As we’ve had to learn, painfully, from Big Tech companies such as Facebook, consumers aren’t always made fully aware of the potential for abuse or of alternate uses of these new products. Some elected officials are worried. Legislatures in California and Illinois are considering bills that would require makers of smart speakers to get permission from customers before storing recordings. Before we turn our cities and towns over to a network of smart speakers and surveillance cameras, perhaps we should ask the tough and necessary questions about privacy and civil liberties that people in any free society should be worried about.

Are Conservatives AWOL In Biggest Privacy Fight?

There is no longer a wall between the private sector and government surveillance. Yet, conservative and liberty minded elected officials and organizations appear to be AWOL in the fight to ensure Google does not seal key documents in a lawsuit against its practice of scanning email sent through its Gmail system.