debt ceiling deal

Debt Deal's A Short-Term Victory for O

Brian Hughes, Washington Examiner

The bipartisan deal to reopen the federal gov't and avoid a default is a clear victory for Obama, but likely a short-lived one as it's only a short-term solution and unlikely to have a major impact on the looming debates that will define his legacy.

Tea Party Decries Sen. Deal; New Bill Drafted

Melanie Batley, Newsmax

While Senate leaders express optimism for an imminent deal to end the shutdown, conservative lawmakers and tea party activists continue to press Boehner for a deal that would defund Obamacare or delay the individual mandate for a year, neither of which are proposals currently on the table in the for a bipartisan Senate package.

Debt Deal=Republican Surrender

Rebecca Berg, Washington Examiner

"Now Mitch McConnell is working with Harry Reid on a plan to fund Obamacare and raise the debt limit," SCF exec. dir. Matt Hoskins said. "Not only will his plan force Americans to pay for a law they oppose, it will force them borrow more money to do it."