Democrat convention

Frantic Democrats engage in post office fever dream conspiracy

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Liberals' strange new conspiracy involves the president “sabotaging” the U.S. Postal Service to allegedly thwart the ability of Americans to vote. We have watched over these past several years with every agency — ranging from the FBI, to the VA, to the State Department, to even the White House bureaucracy — fight tooth and nail against a president to prevent reforming this government into one that works for the American people instead of for itself. This is another one of those fights, but is now being twisted into a conspiracy theory and weaponized against the American people.

Are All Presidential Conventions Going to Be Infomercials Now?

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

People are used to living online now—a bad thing on balance, although a reality. It’s a habit that’s going to be hard to break, like clicking on Amazon when you need toothpaste instead of walking or driving to the store. For the politicians, this maximizes control and minimizes risk (gaffes)—something they will probably prefer, those that break through anyway, to going among the voters, pressing flesh, and kissing babies. This control doesn’t augur well for democracy, which functions best, and ultimately more fairly, with a bit of hurly-burly, unpredictability, thrown into the mix.

Soros Water Boy Kasich Speaks At Democrat Convention

As an alleged Republican candidate for President John Kasich didn’t offer a vision of America that was much different from Hillary Clinton’s. So, while Democrats seem to think that by having Kasich speak at their convention and endorse Joe Biden is a major coup, Republicans, and especially conservatives, recognize that Kasich long ago left the Republican Party, it just took him until now to admit it.