Democratic National Convention

Hillary Clinton’s Speech: A Trumpet Upon Which Disaster On Disaster Was Proclaimed

The elitist hypocrisy of Clinton’s remarks was not lost on those Americans left behind for the past eight years by the economic and immigration policies of Clinton and Obama, and most importantly to those Americans whose constitutional liberty is threatened with attack should Mrs. Clinton win this election, her remarks were the sound of a trumpet upon which disaster on disaster was proclaimed.

Hillary Gets a Negative Bounce from the Democratic National Convention

The Clinton brand has taken some serious hits in the small details of the Democrats' Convention, many of which are in the non-verbal communications and politically correct silence emanating from the stage in Philadelphia, consequently, Hillary Clinton has actually gone down in the polls during what should have been a four day showcase of her candidacy. 

As the Democrats Convene to Celebrate Baby Killings, They’re to the Left of Americans

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

Turns out most Americans do not like the murder of children. In fact, they’re pretty opposed to cracking open the heads of children and sucking out their brains while ripping them limb from limb. But the Democrats are going to spend a lot of time celebrating that on stage in Philly this week and Hillary Clinton will take the stage to defend it.

The Democrats’ Email Scandal: Hillary Clinton Corrupts Everything She Touches

If what’s been documented in “Clinton Cash,” the private email server scandal, and now the revelations that Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz bent the rules to help Hillary Clinton obtain the Democratic Party's nomination for President aren't wrong to Democrats, then nothing Bill and Hillary Clinton might do in the White House will be wrong either.