Donald Trump administration

The Madcap Caution of Donald Trump

Rich Lowry, National Review

Subtract Trump’s taste for nonstop controversy and rhetorical brinkmanship, and you’re left with an incrementalist center-right government that has pursued an expansionary fiscal policy and avoided foreign war, for a period of peace and prosperity that — in any other universe — would be at the core of a stay-the-course reelection message. Given the choice, you’d prefer that people believed that your administration was cautious and incremental, while it undertook far-reaching changes, rather than believe it’s on the verge of careening out of control, while pursuing a fairly reasonable path. On the whole, Trump's been a steward of a country enjoying markedly good times.

Defeat and the Dossier Explain Everything

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

In 2016, legions of bureaucrats wanted to score points in Hillary Clinton’s foreordained new administration by vying with each other to “insure” her blowout, to brag they had done in the ogre Trump, and to expect not so much impunity as adoration for their illegal but supposedly patriotic service beyond the call of duty. Trump was not just to be defeated but humiliated and destroyed as a lesson. Then Clinton lost—or rather she blew a sure Electoral College victory. Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele, and Robert Mueller are all joined at the hip.