Is Donald Trump a conservative? Donald Trump is not a conservative

Trump's Jujitsu

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Republican presidential nominees normally run with one arm tied behind their back. Bob Dole shied away from discussing Bill Clinton’s scandals. John McCain ducked the subject of Barack Obama’s association with Jeremiah Wright. Mitt Romney dropped any mention of Benghazi in his final debate. Donald Trump suffers no such inhibitions. He is swinging hard at Hillary with both hands, forcing her to retreat into a telling silence.

The Right Message After Trump

Donald Devine, The American Conservative

Trump’s success appears to be a reaction to George W. Bush’s attachment to neoconservatism and Barack Obama’s to “international climate change agreements and leftist views of gender, race and income inequality,” both of which ideologies came across as indifference to real people’s problems. Trump represented himself as being “on America’s side,” humanizing both abstractions and eschewing traditional ideologies, standing against both obviously failed alternatives.

Donald Trump ‘Made It Very Clear We Are Going to Be Aggressive’

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart

“Republicans have been accused in the past, and some degree rightfully so, of not tearing the bark off of our opponents and this year Donald Trump has made it very clear we are going to be aggressive,” and do what it takes to win, RNC Chief Strategist Sean Spicer explained.

How gender could win Trump the White House

Martha Pease CNN Opinion

Most of the commentary about Trump's relationship with women is a product of looking at him and at Hillary Clinton through a gender lens only. If the sole question is which of them is more pro-women, of course she wins. But if one replaces the gender lens with an economic lens, the landscape of women voters takes on a completely different focus.

What The Washington Post Got Wrong About Trump

What The Washington Post calls nihilism is what America’s country class citizens call a good house cleaning.

An Open Letter To Conservatives On Donald Trump

Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator

The voters — and yes many of them self-identified to pollsters as “very conservative” or “conservative” — have made their decision. Now that this decision has been made, let’s discuss some of the objections I have heard from you, and along the way add some of my concerns about the state of the “conservative movement” and the Republican Party.

Anti-Trump Republicans Can’t Find a Candidate

Daniel Larison, The American Conservative

Some anti-Trump Republicans are still trying to find someone crazy bold enough to launch an independent presidential bid to thwart Trump. However, it is telling that none of the would-be recruits want to play the part cast for them by the protest campaign’s organizers. As Robert Costa reported over the weekend that no one is interested in running a doomed campaign.

The Thinking Man’s Guide to Donald Trump

Don Surber, The American Spectator

In researching my upcoming book, Trump The Press, I learned he is no joke. He has developed the leadership skills needed to lead the free world. Washington today is like the Commodore Hotel was in the 1970s. Trump will gut it and make it better than you have ever seen it. He made Manhattan great again. Of course he will Make America Great Again.

Dear Mr. Trump: We Vote For Eternal Principles, Not Self-Interested Politicians

I know Hillary Clinton does not share my values, and I know she is a menace to constitutional liberty; what I don’t know is whether or not Donald Trump is simply a different kind of menace.

Mr. Trump, Bad Things Happen to the GOP When Conservatives Are Unhappy

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

The Republican establishment thought Jerry Ford, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, George H.W. Bush in 1992 and Richard Nixon in 1960 could all win without committing themselves to conservative principles. And we all know how well that worked out.


Ben Stein, The American Spectator

There are many likeable aspects to Mr. Trump. He is non-PC. He is not afraid of Hillary and her friends in the media. He is not afraid to stand up for keeping America a real nation by enforcing the legal status of immigration. But one of his many claims to fame is that he knows a lot about money and about the economy. With the greatest respect to Mr. Trump and to his friends, may I offer a few notes to the contrary.

Trump the Globalist

Mark Levin, Conservative Review

While Trump and his surrogates denounce free trade, proclaiming that they stand with and for America’s working men and women, they find it hard to explain away the billionaire's own practices for most of his business career. As it turns out, Trump has never shown any qualms about using foreign labor, foreign capital and even foreign-owned companies to service his personal interests and acquire wealth.


Aaron Goldstein, The American Spectator

Should Donald Trump have fewer than 1,237 delegates at the time of the GOP Convention, Republicans must refuse to be intimidated and ensure his defeat for the good of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the very existence of the Republican Party as a home for conservatives.

Wrongly Crying Foul for Political Gain

David Limbaugh, Human Events

It’s one thing to be upset with the so-called Republican establishment for failing to stand up to Barack Obama and his destructive policies, but it’s another for a GOP presidential candidate to exploit that anger illegitimately against a fellow anti-establishment candidate.


Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator

The harsh fact of life here is that Megyn Kelly is swimming in a media and New York City culture of liberalism. And to be acceptable in those circles, one has to do, well, some version of just what Megyn Kelly did to Donald Trump in that August debate. 

Any claim that Trump has lost his momentum is about to end

Jim Newell, Slate

Now that the race has shifted to the Northeast for the remainder of April, the anti-Trumpers are back exactly where they were before Wisconsin: with a split vote that allows Trump to clean house.

Donald Trump Campaign ‘Meltdown’

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart

Disarray is growing inside GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign with field staff being cut and an alleged conflict between Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and his new delegate strategist Paul Manafort.


Brandon Croker, The American Spectator

After telling Chris Matthews that women getting abortions “if they were illegal” should face punishment, he backtracked after receiving criticism from both pro-choice and pro-life groups. Trump was flummoxed and all but admitted to crafting his messages not based on his beliefs but on what he thinks will sell politically. In other words, the fearless speaker of truth is just a typical politician who says what he thinks people want to hear in order to get elected.

Why Did Trump Flip-Flop on Torture?

Daniel R. DePetris, The American Conservative

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is the anti-politician who runs around like a chicken with his head cut off. From his stances on abortion and his support for the 2011 intervention in Libya to his slight relaxation on immigration and his donations to Democrats, Trump is now the ultimate flip-flopper.

Donald Trump faces his biggest threat yet: himself

Michael Goodwin, The New York Post

Trump might well be stopped, but not because his campaign is a fraud. It’s because he’s blowing it. He’s on defense instead of setting the agenda and is at risk of being sunk by his lack of knowledge and preparation. In his hubris, he provides the rope to the lynch mobs.