Bernie’s Solution to Full Employment

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The American Spectator

Let us face the fact, Bernie. The case for socialism is bleaker now than it ever was. The reason is that by now it has been tried all over the world, and it is a bust. A humanitarian bust, and an economic bust — in every respect it is the God that failed. Before the Soviet Union fell, the Soviets had turned every country that they controlled into a prison and every economy that they controlled into a poverty zone. Africa and South America were only marginally better off. Where today is the economic model for viable socialism? Is Bernie summoning up Venezuela? How about Cuba? Actually he is pointing to Cuba. The young people of Cuba have shiny white teeth and they can read, he claims.

Kuwait Needs Economic Reform, But Democracy May Say No

Kuwait is one of the freest nations in the Persian Gulf, as well as one of America’s best friends. Yet its “liberalish” governance, as one Kuwaiti colleague described it, ironically impedes the adoption of market-oriented economic reforms necessary for the country’s prosperity.

Issa Probes Into Fake Employment Data Scheme

Drew MacKenzie, Newsmax

A Congressional committee is planning to grill Census workers over falsified unemployment information that made it appear more people had jobs shortly before the 2012 presidential election.