far Left captures popular culture

Transgender Bathrooms on Campus

Heather MacDonald, National Review

A pipeline now channels left-wing academic theorizing into the highest reaches of government and the media. The products of the narcissistic academy graduate and bring their High Theory indoctrination with them into the federal and state bureaucracies and into newsrooms. Even the judiciary is affected. The opinion of the federal district court striking down California’s Proposition 8 (declaring that marriage was an institution uniting men and women), for example, was steeped in the women’s-studies notion that marriage originated as a way to impose a subordinate “gender” role on females.

Full of cultural hubris Democrats veer left

Kyle Smith, New York Post

Hillary Clinton knows she has more baggage than Newark Airport. She doesn’t care, because she is counting on two strong forces to carry her to victory: Demographics and the leftward turn in American culture.