When Roosevelt flew to Tehran

Daniel Oliver, Washington Times

Trashing Donald Trump is the favorite indoor and outdoor sport of the liberal media, the deep state, the so-called intelligentsia and all the people who still can’t believe Hillary Clinton lost — including the Never Trumpers. Now they’re all busy writing stories about what a disaster Mr. Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin was. But why is the left so unkind to Mr. Trump when they tend to be so nice about President Franklin Roosevelt’s meeting with Joseph Stalin toward the end of World War II?

Book Review: Churchill, Roosevelt & Company by Lewis E. Lehrman

FDR’s New Deal is a prime testament to Richard Viguerie’s dictum that “personnel is policy.”  FDR’s military and diplomatic advisors were bumblers at best.  But the root problem was FDR himself as Lew Lehman reveals in his new book, Churchill, Roosevelt & Company: Studies in Character and Statecraft.