federal budget cuts

A Real Budget for the Federal Government

James C. Capretta, Real Clear Policy

Budget resolutions never become laws because they aren't presented to the president for signature or veto. Rather, they are congressional planning documents that govern the consideration of budgetary bills, especially appropriation measures. They do not bind the executive branch; maybe that needs to change.

Seniors Lose Docs, Insurance

Evan Gahr, Daily Caller

Private insurance companies that cover patients with government funds under the Medicare Advantage program have quietly started to dump doctors and patients because of Obamacare budget cuts.

Dr. Carson's Rx for Shutdown Blues

Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., The Washington Times

In order to cope with a $17 trillion debt, why is the gov't inflicting pain on us when it could have simply trimmed nonessential personnel and services from the budget with little or no inconvenience?