federal employees

Sorry, I Don’t Feel Sorry For Furloughed Feds

David Catron, The American Spectator

As to the media and their propaganda campaign, the voters have Trump’s back on this. Illegal immigration is the issue that got him elected and he’ll win this fight over “the wall.” Given a choice between border security and pampered feds, the voters will choose the former over the latter every time. No amount of propaganda about the plight of “dedicated public servants” will change that reality. There are many good people in the government, but a number are overpaid and underworked.

Federal Employees Are Under No Obligation To Carry Out An Illegal Order

Federal officers and employees have both the obligation to disobey an illegal and unconstitutional order and a legal right to protection from retribution if they do. We should support and encourage them keep their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and honor and support those who do.