federal budget deficit

Debt matters, even in a pandemic

Editors, Washington Examiner

The money is flying out the door so fast that there already has not been adequate oversight. There’s an argument to be made for lots of spending as long as it is accurately targeted and fairly allocated. But when everybody operates as though they have limitless sums of money to play with, excessive spending and a misallocation of the nation's wealth are going to become more prevalent. That’s why, even though the debt should not handcuff policymakers and prevent them from taking truly necessary actions to pull America out of its present crisis, concerns about debt must be made an important part of the conversation.

Congressman Chip Roy Stands Tall Demands Debate Of $19 Billion Disaster Bill

One principled limited government constitutional conservative – Representative Chip Roy of Texas – was willing to stand tall and say NO to passing, without debate, a disaster aid bill that no one had read, that added $19 billion to the deficit and that did not address some of the real disasters, such as the illegal alien invasion on our southern border.

Mandatory Pay To Not Do Imaginary Government Work

The partial government shutdown has highlighted that we have a border crisis and a spending and debt crisis that are the creation of politicians of both parties in Congress who are living in imaginary worlds where neither a spending crisis, nor a border crisis exist.

Your Mission During August Recess: Start The Debt Ceiling Battle

All presidents want a clean debt ceiling increase. The only way automatic debt ceiling increases will stop is if grassroots conservatives turn out and demand that spending be cut, as President Trump’s budget proposed, and that Congress implement debt reforms now.

Republicans Want to Spend Ever More on the Military, but the U.S. is Broke

While Americans will sacrifice if America is threatened, they aren’t likely to look kindly at proposals to, say, cut Social Security and Medicare because the Europeans don’t want to cut their social programs in order to hike military outlays.