federal bureaucracy

It’s time to blow up the bureaucracy that’s killing America

Phillip K. Howard, New York Post

It’s time to bite the bullet: Washington can’t be repaired, it must be replaced. Creating a coherent governing framework is not so daunting. Most bureaucratic detail is irrelevant when people are allowed to take responsibility again. What’s missing is not public demand for change, but a coherent vision of how Washington can work again. My proposal is basic: Replace the dense bureaucracy, and put humans in charge again. Empower Americans, at all levels of responsibility, to make practical and moral daily choices. Then hold them accountable for how they do. Let Americans be American again.

Conservative Leaders Urge Fire the Swamp Language in Final Government Funding Bill

“Good civil servants deserve to work in constructive workplaces and bad civil servants deserve to be dismissed. As conservatives, we see the MERIT Act language as integral to reigning in the out of control federal bureaucracy and restoring accountability to federal civil service.”

Trump starts bringing Washington bureaucrats to heel

Editors, Washington Examiner

Whether the bureaucracy is pushing conservative policy reforms under a Republican president or liberal policies under a Democrat, civil servants should be accountable for their work performance and forced to spend more time working for taxpayers instead of unions. Trump’s executive order is a step in the right direction toward an accountable and efficient federal bureaucracy.

This happens if President Trump fails to rein in HUD

Much of the chaos we see in America today is designed to stop President Trump from dismantling the federal system of rampant waste, dishonesty, and bullying.  The largest “swamp” he must drain is the embedded federal bureaucracy.