Viguerie: Catholic Voters Hold Key To Roy Moore Victory

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

Today, I've launched a campaign to inform Alabama Catholics that Moore's Democrat opponent, Doug Jones, boldly holds the most extreme, abortion-on-demand views. Alabama Catholics need to understand in no uncertain terms that a vote for Doug Jones is a vote for abortion with no exceptions. 

To Help Trump Win Virginia Viguerie Launches Swing Voter Campaign

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

In Virginia, Catholics are the second largest religious group. Baptists are the largest. But most Virginia Baptists already vote Republican, while Catholics are "swing" voters. You don't have to be a Catholic to support my Catholic swing voter camapign, just as you don't have to live in Virginia. Democrats have made it clear President Trump's agenda is on the line and we all have a stake in the 2017 Virginia election.

FedUp PAC Poll: Conservatives Trust Cruz More Than Trump

A plurality of 45% of conservatives say Cruz is more honest than Trump, while 38% give Trump the edge. Trump’s attacks on Cruz as a liar appear to have had little effect except among Trump’s own voters.

FLASH! New FedUp PAC Poll Finds Conservatives Want a Debate Limited to Trump and Cruz

By a margin of 67-31% conservatives now say that Donald Trump should accept the challenge from Ted Cruz, allowing them to debate each other without the distraction of other candidates.

New Fed Up PAC Poll: Conservatives Say Trump Strong But Not Unbeatable

Many conservatives remain concerned that an establishment candidate may yet emerge, with only 44% believing that a defeat in South Carolina would cause Bush, Rubio or Kasich to get out of the race.  A 56% majority say that it is still possible that an establishment candidate will displace conservative Ted Cruz as Trump's chief rival.

FedUp PAC Poll: Conservatives See Presidential Race as Trump vs. Cruz

Conservatives are confident that an outsider such as Cruz or Trump can win the nomination, with 76% taking that position and only 10% disagreeing.  However, 84% are concerned that GOP insiders may find a way to nullify the wishes of the grass roots at this summer’s convention.

The FedUp PAC Debate Poll Results Are In

In the wake of the the 3rd GOP Presidential debate, which took place on Wednesday, October 28 in Boulder, CO, FedUp PAC conducted a series of three polls.FedUp PAC supports constitutional conservative candidates, and all FedUp PAC polls are 100% based on grassroots opinion, completely free of influence by any presidential campaign or surrogates. Here are the results.