Florida elections

Florida GOP Fighting California-Style Primary Election Amendment

We see a pattern emerging in which Far Left organizations, many of them funded by organizations linked to George Soros, are using the ballot initiative to spread to other states the anti-constitutional, anti-democratic election laws the Left has used to turn California into a one-party Third World state.

Good News: Big Sugar lost in Florida

Editors, Washington Examiner

The sugar industry in the U.S. is dependent on government support. Most notably, the U.S. government throttles sugar imports, thus driving up the price. Uncle Sam bolsters that protectionism with a crony capitalist web of subsidies, loans, and purchases of excess sugar. Now that the more sugar-friendly candidates lost, all politicians should realize that while the subsidy-suckling big businesses may seem unbeatable in their home states, they really aren’t.

Obama Judges Can’t Save Dem Losers

David Catron, The American Spectator

Obama-appointed federal judges have brazenly rewritten election statutes to favor Democrats challenging the outcomes of races in Florida and Georgia. In both states, however, the apparent losers haven’t benefited from arbitrary changes these partisan jurists made in the laws by which election officials are legally bound. In Florida, the state appears to be headed for a tedious and, for the Nelson campaign, fruitless hand count. The only way to let the exhausted election workers off the hook, not to mention the anxious voters, is for Bill Nelson to concede that he lost.

A little corruption greases the wheels

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

Unlike her predecessor, who was marched out of office without ceremony after she was suspended for “grave neglect, mismanagement and incompetence,” Mzz Snipes appears to rely on both corruption and incompetence to get the job undone. The Miami Herald reported that an election worker found several bags of “uncounted early ballots” in the Broward County office. Nobody could be sure where the uncounted bags came from, or where they were supposed to go. Mzz Snipes, meanwhile, mixed rejected and accepted provisional ballots all together. No favorites played here. We’re all democrats.

Election Time in the Banana Republic of Florida

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Who's responsible for this nauseating state of affairs?  The Democrats, no surprise, behave as if Boss Tweed were reincarnated in Miami Beach, bringing down their best Fusion GPS lawyer from the Perkins Coie mafia of Trump dossier fame to oversee the recount. As long as you're on the "correct" side of things, by any means necessary, right? But the GOP hasn't got clean hands either. Rick Scott and his fellow Republicans cry foul when the election supervisors of Broward and Palm Beach counties act in a manner that would make Mayor Daley blush, but aren't they a little late?

No Flori-Duh Please

Larry Thornberry, The American Spectator

OK, let’s ease off on the Flori-Duh pedal please. The somewhat inaccurate refrain heard over and over across the news-sphere over the past few days is, “Florida is having trouble counting votes again.” Wrong. Florida is not having trouble counting votes. Broward and Palm Beach counties are. And these two counties have been where the problems have popped up in cycle after cycle. Floridians have much to celebrate on Thanksgiving. But one thing we may not be able to be thankful for is that the midterm elections, long in coming and much labored, are finally over.

Graham: Democrats Tried To Stop Kavanaugh, They're Not Going To "Screw" Rick Scott

Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics

Graham: Broward County is a national joke when it comes to elections, and here is where it has a lot in common with Kavanaugh. When it comes to counting votes and confirming judges, there is nothing Democrats won't do to win. They tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh, it didn't work. They're trying to steal this election. It is not going to work.  I can't wait to get back to work and make sure we put men and women on the judiciary who actually follow the law. The law means nothing to liberal Democrats -- it is all about the outcome. They're not going to win. They didn't destroy Kavanaugh, and they're not going to screw Rick Scott

Wearing a MAGA Hat at the Volusia Mall

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Judging by my experience at the Volusia Mall, where people responded to my hat with either indifference or support but no anger, I would have to say that the media’s hoped-for blue wave in Florida looks like a trickle. I was expecting at least one or two deranged Rachel Maddow fans to object to my hat. Nobody did.  Perhaps the folks at the mall were exceedingly polite, and that’s why they didn’t object to the hat. Or maybe the shock of the Trump presidency has worn off for Dems around Daytona. But I suspect the real reason is that the floundering, increasingly nutty Democrats have done nothing to galvanize them.